Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veteran's Day

Happy Veteran's Day to all the men, women and families that serve our country including my wonderful husband Billy.
He is proud sailor and currently on his second deployment with the ship.  We love and support him as he is not only serving our country, but is supporting our family.

Happy 11.11.11. to everyone too as I know there are many wonderful occasions happening everywhere from a number of new babies being born, weddings and birthdays everywhere.  Hope your wishes come true if you're making a big one today!


  1. Happy Veteran's Day to you!!! Your husband is a true hero for doing what he does, and you are equally a hero for picking up the slack at home while he's away. My hubby is a fire fighter, so I spend quite a few days and nights per week alone with my kids. Not easy in the slightest! I commend you both!!

  2. Happy Veteran's to you and your family!! :)

  3. Happy Veteran's Day to you and yours! I thank your Husband for his selflessness!

  4. From one military family to another, thank YOU for your sacrifice that allows your husband to serve.


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