Monday, November 7, 2011

Lucky Random 7 - Things You Should Know


I was tagged in this fun questionnaire by Cindy from Cinsarah
and thought it'd be fun to share some fun but random things about me you may or may not already know!

1. Write seven things about yourself.
2. tag other blogs to do this.
3. notify them.

I was born in Texas and only lived there for a few years, but I swear anytime I speak with someone with a southern accent, I pick it up a bit too.

When I write {happy dance} in my posts, I actually do a happy dance!
Think Chandler from FRIENDS

I made my husband Billy and best friend Ashley PROMISE to tell me when Jackson was born if he was ugly.  I was petrified of having that not so cute baby which everyone just says is cute to you but says otherwise to everyone else.  I knew it'd be hard to tell me right away to my face, so I made up a code word "banana" if he was ugly when he was born.  Pretty sure as soon as he was born, Is he a banana? was the first thing I asked Billy.

My husband is in the Navy, and while not being the most random fact... it is one that many still don't know that follow me on this blog.  He has about two and half more years before he decides to re-up or not.  At this point he is more than ready to get out, but ultimately our family could not be where it is without his commitment.  We miss him everyday as he is deployed but will return back to us in about three months!  VERY EXCITED!
I can burp like a 7 foot trucker. Seriously. I'm pretty classy.

I'm overly addicted to coffee and sugar free Red Bull.  I typically have two cups of coffee in the AM and then hit a wall {hard} at about 1:30 for another dose of caffeine. I've tried convincing myself I need to do a boot camp where I just cut out caffeine cold turkey - it usually lasts one morning and by afternoon I'm begging for some.
“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”  - Dr. Seuss
I share a birthday with this good man and I do believe his words of wisdom are always right up my alley.

I will tag the following lovely ladies, and of course
it isn't mandatory that you do this yourself but it is fun and I 
would love to learn 7 things about you!

1. Angie & Carrie from 2 friends & 2 cities {yes I think you BOTH should do it}
2. Jenna from SAS Interiors
3. Vivienne from The Vspot
4. Jaime from Crafty Scrappy Happy



  1. Awww! I like that you do a happy dance! Thanks to your husband and your whole family for the service to our country! We're so grateful! Numbers 5 and 6 have me wondering what Haven will be like... (We're roomies there, right...?) :)

  2. Awesome, So glad you did it! love reading more about you. :)
    So cool you were born here in TX! I LOVE Texas! :)
    Love your happy dance.
    That's so funny about #5 cause I can't burp at all! haha
    I seriously don't know how, the only times I have ever burped are accidental and embarrasing!

  3. Cute 7 things :) I like to picture you "happy dancing" your way through life!!

  4. This is so much fun...a virtual tag game.


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