Thursday, November 17, 2011

My little peanut growing up –J’s 3rd Birthday

Three years ago the love of my life was born and my life was forever changed.
Today my little peanut turns 3 years old! 

{AshleyJTyler Photography}
 He was such a little chubster :)

{AshleyJTyler Photography}
Tiny baby fingers

{AshleyJTyler Photography}
Tiny baby toes

The sweetest little baby boy, Jackson Jude Stephens

Our brand new adorable family

I couldn't believe how fast the first year flew by.  That first year full of so many firsts, it's an incredible feeling being a parents and watching your brand new baby learn to do so many new "firsts".

{AshleyJTyler Photography}
Celebrating his 1st birthday with family and friends all around.

{AshleyJTyler Photography}
Diving into his big truck wheel cake ... numm numm

{AshleyJTyler Photography}
I just cannot believe how fast time is passing by. He will always be my little baby boy to me.

Another year has gone by, celebrating his 2nd birthday with a big delicious cupcake!
This year was all about Mickey and Thomas the Trains...

He has had that monkey by his side since he was born.  He takes it everywhere and it shows it has been loved quite dearly.

Today we celebrate my little boy turning 3 years old.
Another year of memories, another year of growing up.
More milestones and more firsts.

Dear Jackson Jude,
I promise to love you dearly every day of your life.
I promise to be there at any moment you may need.
I will always be ready for a snuggle session even if those may grow further and further apart.
There will be times I wish I could be your friend but will be your mother instead.
I will try to protect you in every way I can.
You are the love of my life.

Love always,
Your momma & dadda



  1. What a handsome little man!! Happy Birthday Jackson!! :)

  2. What a great name for a little man! Happy Birthday!

  3. The memories bring happy tears to my eyes. Love Grandma

  4. Thanks for sharing this with those of us that cannot be there. Lots of Love, Glamma and Cookie.

  5. TEARS! LOTS OF TEARS!! It goes by so fast and what a precious little boy you have.

    Cheers to many more birthdays!


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