Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tips from a Photographer

I am SO SO excited to have Ashley from AshleyJTyler Photography here today.  Not only is she one of the hardest working professional photographers I know, but she just happens to be my best friend, was my Maid of Honor, and is J's God Momma.  I recently booked another session with her for J & I when we return to MN to get some new pictures done.

As the holiday season approaches, it's a great time to book a professional photography session to get some new and beautiful pictures for the holiday season.  A professional family picture is the PERFECT holiday greeting card, or even an adorable way to send out Thank You's too for all your holiday gratefulness to others.  Here is Ashley to bring 5 great tips to keep in mind when booking your next photography session.

I feel so honored that my best friend Pam asked me to come up with a blog post to share with her readers - quick bit about me, I'm a lifestyle photographer in Minneapolis, Minnesota who loves to capture those real moments. Over these last few years I have learned a lot of do's and oh please don't ever do that again's when it comes to clients, scheduling, what to wear and all of the above. Here are a few tips from me on what to do to make your family photo session go smoothly!

5 Tips from a Photographer

1. Book that session
Kids grow up so fast and I can imagine as a parent it's hard to document every moment of their lives, this is where a professional photographer comes in handy! I have so many of those awkward family photos from when I was growing up, even though I may have dreaded them (especially when I was a teen) I am so grateful to have those images of my family. Before those babies of yours grow up too fast, ask your husband for a professional photography session for Christmas, book that Spring or Summer session with your local photographer because your kids will want those photos to look back on.

2. Pricing
After you've gotten that wonderful gift from your husband/parents/grandparents, start researching photographers in your price point. Everyone can afford a different photographer and because it's such a popular thing right now there should be one within everyone's budget. I highly recommend going with a photographer someone you know has recommended but if that's available to you take the time to go through their blog or website. You want to make sure you and the photographer will be a good fit, giving you exactly what you want for your session.

3. Best time for your session
As a natural light photographer (no big giant flash) there are two absolutely PERFECT times of day to be out photographing families, 2 hours before sunset and 2 hours after sunrise. If you choose to go with a natural light photographer, it's best to figure out which of those times would be ideal for your children. Are they happier during the morning hours? If it's too close to dinner time will they be cranky? Either time you choose, it can't hurt to come prepared with bribes to ease your way through the session. Best advice: Let the photographer offer the bribes, sometimes they are even MORE exciting coming from someone other than Mom or Dad.

4. Matching vs. Coordinating
Outfits are an important part of a session, they give you a chance to showcase the personalities of you and your children. I can't be the only one who has family pictures with jeans and white t-shirts, but I wish we also had those images of us in our horribly awesome 90's acid washed jeans and crimped hair. Take the time to coordinate a common color between all family members, maybe it's the simple pop of pink or blue. When looking back at these images, you'll think "Oh Maddie used to always wear headbands, she was so adorable." Your kids will thank you when they are older, even if these fashion trends don't stick around long :)
This website, I found through pinterest, has great suggestions on what to wear without matching!

5. Relax
The time you spend getting your family photographed will be FUN, there will be laughter, running around, maybe even some bumps and bruises. Things may not go exactly how you imagine, but that is life. Kids will be kids, but most photographers know exactly how to grab your child's attention and get their 'natural' smile. Relax and let them work their magic, you won't be disappointed with the results!

Thanks again Ashley!! Hope these tips help you plan your next session!
Do you have a session already booked or did this motivate you to start looking for a photographer?



  1. Awesome tips! I love the photos she showed in this post. One of my best friends is a photographer too :)

  2. Great tips!!! Lovely pictures and nice photography.


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