Friday, December 9, 2011

Custom Santa Plate for Cookies!

The other week I did a feature spot on The 13 Days of Christmas on Lines Across my Face and incase you missed it wanted to show my Santa Plate tutorial here today.


One of my favorite Christmas memories from childhood {okay besides the obvious opening of presents!} was the tradition of putting out cookies and milk for Santa.  Every year {even once I had it all figured out about who Santa truly was} we’d put out cookies and milk for Santa and include a little note for him.  And every morning there’d always be nibbled on cookies and left over crumbs and a half glass of milk left over, with a note back to us from Santa. 

So! I wanted my first Christmas craft of the year to bring that tradition to my three year old and thought it’d be fun if there was an official “Santa plate and glass” to set out for him each year.  This is a really super easy and fun way to make an easy tradition a little more meaningful to your family, and easy enough you can include your kids in to help too!

The Santa Cookie Plate:


A glass plate ($1.99 from Walmart)
Construction paper (I used a lightweight cardstock)
Mod Podge
Foam Brush
Cut out “S” from Vinyl {remember to reverse the image}

I wanted a layer of litter to be the very first thing you could see through the plate so I started with a thin layer of Mod Podge over the plate and applied it with the foam brush. When it was still wet I sprinkled on silver & green sparkles.


Then I used my Cricut to cut out a “S” out of a speciatly vinyl that makes the lettering look like it was etched into the glass.  {Initially I thought this would stand out and be a “classy” effect on it but once I got further into the steps I realized it actually blended in too much, so I ended up changing it out for a black “S”}.   I let the first layer of Mod Podge dry, and then transferred the S into the plate.



Next I cut out my circles from the red & silver paper, I just used a small opening of a bottle I had nearby for the stencil and cut out about two pages worth of red, and one page of silver.


I applied Mod Podge to one side of each circle and pressed onto the plate.  About every 10 circles had been pressed onto the plate I covered each of them with a layer of Mod Podge to ensure they would stick to the plate.  Once the entire plate was covered with my circles, I let it dry for about half hour. Then applied a final coat of Mod Podge as a protective layer over the entire back of the plate and let it dry for an hour.



{as mentioned, I ended up changing the “S” to black vinyl so it stood out more"}

To decorate the glass of milk, I used a wooden circle from Michael’s and painted it with Chalkboard paint.  Once it was dry I drilled a small hole to string ribbon through it and tie it to the glass labeled “To Santa”.


Now Santa has a personalized plate and glass for his special milk and cookies on Christmas night.





I'm also sooo excited to be featured over at Daily Do It Yourself today!! Be sure to check out this fairly new blog and check out the amazing features that happen everyday.



  1. Seriously, those cookies look fantastic...the plate isn't half bad, either, but not as tasty.

  2. Hi, Pamela

    I just love your cookie plate. Its lovely and so super easy.

    Love for you to stop by Have a great week.



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