Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Guest Post: Design Build Love DIY Headboard!

I'm happy to have Ashley here today to show an amazing DIY tutorial!!! If you're in the market for a new headboard be sure to check this out for an a great step by step how to do your own.

Hi y'all, I'm Ashley and I blog over at Design Build Love!

I'm super excited to be guest blogging for Pamela today! We actually decided to do a bit of a blog swap since we both have tons going on this month and thought it would be a great opportunity to share our blogs with other bloggers and introduce our followers to some amazing blogging friends! Her amazing post was part of my "Favorite Things" series and I couldn't believe the amount of favorites we shared- too crazy!!! Since Pamela's blog is known for its amazing tutorials, I thought I would share my most recent DIY build... a custom upholstered headboard for our guest bedroom/home office!

When I first saw upholstered headboards floating around the blogosphere, I thought... I want to make one of those! Then reality smacked me in the face... I literally didn't have the tools I needed to make the headboard, so as soon as I had the opportunity, I bought them! Nothing was going to stand between me and creating the headboard of my dreams! Just kidding... well, kinda...

After I bought a jigsaw and a staple gun, it was go time! We made a quick trip to the the fabric store to pick up some batting, and another stop at Lowe's to grab the plywood... and we were ready to go! This is what it took to git r' done:
  • fabric of choice (mine was actually an extra curtain panel from an Ikea set)
  • batting (or foam of your choice)
  • plywood
  • jigsaw
  • staple gun
  • tape measure
  • spray adhesive
  • pencil
  • string
  • mounting hardware (we opted for our personal fave... a Hangman system)
That's it! Not bad. I really thought it would take crazy supplies to create a headboard, but it really doesn't! And this was our process:

1. pick a headboard design that you love! I pinned a ton of inspiration on my Pinterest to help sort out all of the different headboards I loved! We finally settled on a simple but shapely design


2. lay out your plywood and trace the desired design onto the plywood. For symmetry, we used a tape measure, string, and pencil, giving us a perfectly uniform design



3. after the design is all drawn out, make your cuts!


4. dust off all excess sawdust remaining on the plywood

5. lay batting on cut plywood to desired thickness

6. adhere batting to wood with spray adhesive



7. trim batting down to size to allow for the batting to fold to other side and be stapled with fabric- this is a total pain in the butt if you don't have sharp scissors... so make sure you do!!!


8. place batting covered plywood on ground

9. "arrange" fabric over the plywood and batting until pattern is aligned properly (if you have patterned fabric- if not, just make sure you have ample fabric on each side before you cut)

10. trim fabric, allowing for 2.5+ inches of extra fabric on each side. This allows for folding the fabric over the back and stapling to secure


11. carefully flip headboard over so that fabric side is face-down, being certain not to shift the fabric

12. begin stapling one edge and work your way around the headboard (we started with the bottom and worked our way to the top


13. make sure to trim away any excess fabric at the corners to ensure a more flush finish (I think he was attempting to "threaten" me for taking his picture one more time... buah hah hah!!!)


14. once fully stapled, flip over the board to see your finished results!

Then, using our handy hangman system, we popped ours on the wall! And just like that, my headboard dreams became a reality! :)




In the near future, I expect to be adding some button tufting to this bad boy! Here's the preliminary layout we're thinking... so stay tuned!


Thanks to Pamela for letting me blog-crash! I hope y'all will stop by our blog for a visit and let us know that PB&J Stories sent ya! We'd love to have you!


Absolutely LOVE it!  Thank you again Ashley for sharing!  Be sure to leave her some lovely comments and even head over to her blog and check out her other amazing projects and adorable blog.



  1. Wow amazing job Ashley! I'm currently looking at different options for our headboard I'd like to build very soon. This has been a great help!

  2. This looks great! I love how your whole office and guest room looks, too.

  3. I love this tutorial and definitely have one of these babies on my to-do list for 2012!

  4. Thanks all! I really appreciate all the sweet feedback and I definitely recommend DIYing one of these! Totally fun and worth it!


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