Thursday, December 29, 2011

Guest Post: Renee Marchol - Lights & Lamps

I'm excited to have Renee today to do a guest post from she has some great insight for thrift shopping for lamps and tips when in the market for some new lighting. 


I walk to the Jewish Council Thrift Store daily, during my lunch break, to check out home lighting. When I go thrifting, I pay close attention to advice from’s top mommy blogs: MotherLode, DesignMom, and ParentHacks. Also, I think of Thrifting Pro Rashon Carraway of Mr.Goodwill Hunting as Mr. Miyagi, a great teacher.

As a home lighting specialist, this is my best tip. Bring light bulbs when you go thrifting. Specifically, carry 100 Watt  E 3-way and 150 Watt A21 Medium base 3-way incandescent bulbs. Vintage table lamps not be able to handle modern CFLs. Reputable thrift store clerks will let you test out the light fixture by plugging it into an outlet before you make your purchase.

1. Bring light bulbs: 150 Watt A21 Medium Base 3-way bulbs and 3-Way E 100 Watt bulbs
2. Plug it in to inspect the fixture at the thrift store
3. For hanging lights, you may be better off buying new

What else do I have to share about decorating with home lighting? Use tall narrow table lamps called buffet lamps during the holidays so that your lighting doesn’t get in the way of vegan entrees or sugar-free desserts. Secondly, try pendant lighting for the kitchen bar. Thirdly, experiment with multi-pendant lights or drum pendants over a kitchen island.

I confess that I did a crazy standing ovation when I read that Thrifter Motherlode found a Vintage Lightolier Lamp from Japan for $15! It was also a win for the thrifting community when Rashon Carraway displayed his $2 upcycled table lamp.

What if you are unable to inspect a hanging light such as a chandelier at the store? Buy new pendant lighting fixtures on discount as a solution to your overhead lighting problem. Why buy new? Fewer problems. You have a two-year warranty through the manufacturer and retailer when you buy through our online lighting retailer. Exchange it, without paying shipping fees, if you receive a pendant light with a defective wire. Active, modern families can avoid dangling doodads for toddlers to grab if parents choose pendants over chandeliers. 

What if you want to serve Hot Toddy cocktails to the grown ups? Select vibrant glass monopoint pendant lights from our discount collection for your kitchen bar. This is a cheap way to create an upsclale-looking home bar.

What if you really miss the chandelier look? Multi pendant lighting fixtures give you the varying heights that chandeliers do, without toddler-enticing piece. You can use these or traditional kitchen island lighting. We sell a multi-color, multi pendant light by the well-known lighting manufacturer, Lite Source, for under $60. Julienne carrots safely under these direct lights! Decorate you eating areas with contemporary drum pedants and hang them 18” over your low Japanese style dining table or a standard Western kitchen table. I favor the drum pendants by Lite Source Lighting and Access Lighting with retro funk design, polished steel, acrylic and glass for less than $200 at

Happy Holidays!

Renee Marchol is a thrifter and home lighting blogger for, an online lighting retailer.


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  1. I love the lamps. It looks amazing. I would love to have something done with the wires through=)

  2. Love your lamps! What a brilliant idea!


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