Sunday, December 25, 2011

Jackson's Corner {10} Christmas Memories


He was a minute old his first Christmas.

 And I was a tired new momma.
A year old and not a fan of his new winter hat.
 But he was a fan of all the presents!
 Two years old and our first Christmas in VA ... and we brought the snow from MN with us.

And he loved it.

This year will probably be my favorite with Jackson so far.  He screams Santa every time we see one, and has been asking for a snowman for the last month.  He sings the Christmas songs and can't wait to open all his presents.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas & holiday and being shared with loved ones and friends.  I am lucky to be back in MN with family and friends and surrounded by lots of love.  I am missing my husband terribly but we did get to Skype yesterday which was the best Christmas gift of all.
Merry Christmas to everyone! Happy Holidays!

Was Santa good to you?



  1. What great memories!! I love these pictures!! Happy holidays Pamela :)

  2. This young age is the most magical - cherish each year.

  3. where in minnesota are you from?? katie and i are from minnesota as well (grew up in blaine, lived in duluth for a long time, now back in new hope and champlin).
    p.s. we'll be blogging about your store this week.
    merry christmas!!

  4. What a great blog! Such great products! I noticed you were from MN! Me too! And we recently moved to West Virginia for a job opportunity! VA is just few minutes away! Hope you are enjoying this mild January weather! Keep the great projects coming!

    And even smaller world - I know Jen that posted just before me!


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