Sunday, December 4, 2011

Two Super Easy DIY Tutorials for Christmas Decor

My Christmas decorations are starting to come together.  This past weekend was a busy one but I managed to squeeze in a couple of quick and easy projects to add to my Christmas décor. 

Here’s two quick tutorials that I did this weekend. 

Christmas Tree Skirt
I wanted a simple tree skirt and didn’t want to spend a lot of money.  I knew I wanted a fabric like burlap and shopped Etsy for a  bit to see if there were any in my price range, but unfortunately, though there were some gorgeous ones, there wasn’t any in my price range.  So a quick run to Walmart and I picked up a $10 round table cloth


My initial idea was to use a drop cloth that I’d cut into a circle and them make it into a tree skirt… but got the idea of using a round table cloth idea which saved me a step in the process and worked perfectly.

First I ironed the fabric so it laid flat and easier to work with. 


Then I folded it up into 1/8ths {fold it on half, then quarters, then one more fold}.  And used a round plate and centered it on the tip of the “cone shape”.  Then using a pencil I traced the outline of the plate onto the fabric and then cut along that line.  This gave me the center hole for the skirt.


Next using a yardstick I drew another line from the center circle to the edge and cut.  {hey! looks like a tree skirt}.  For a super easy tree skirt you can leave the raw edges and just throw it around your tree base, or hem the raw edges as I did.



I just folded each raw edge under and hemmed a quarter inch all the way around.  Then wrapped it around my tree and placed a few presents underneath and….


A super easy tree skirt! Simple and inexpensive too!

Next easy tutorial is….

Napkin Pillow Cover

I started with two 18” napkins from Target that were white and silver and sparkly – right up my holiday décor style.  They were $5 for the two of them from Target.


I didn’t take a before picture of the napkins before I started my project but here’s the image from

Next I flipped them so the pretty sides were facing each other and pinned all the way around the edges.  On the final edge I pinned in about two inches on each side but then left the middle section open, this is where I’ll put in my pillow insert and hand stitch closed.


Then I just sewed along the napkin hem line all around the pillow except the opening I left for the insert.


Once it was sewn, I flipped it inside {right – side technically} out and put in my pillow insert.

Next just hand stich the opening closed and you have a new cover for your holiday throw pillows!



The other pillow is a sweater pillow I did too! See that tutorial here




Love the Holiday season!!!

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  1. Beauty! Great ideas and I LOVE that sweater pillow. xo Jenna

  2. Beautiful!! Thanks for the inspiration, I need to get busy!

  3. I love the diy tree skirt, so wish I had of thought of it last year before I brought that annoying glitter skirt. Glitter is all over the place...I will have to try this next year:)

  4. PRETTY!!! I love them both (& your tree is so sparkly and pretty). Great work friend :)

  5. Oh my gosh, that was so clever- turning a tablecloth into a tree skirt! My hat goes off to you smarty pants!!

  6. Very pretty pillow cover.

  7. Pamela!! I love the pillow and skirt! I posted about my tree skirt too! :) We are working on the our post for you too!


  8. Lovin that sweater pillow! Great idea!!

  9. Oh my gosh this is so smart, and so up my alley. inspired!

  10. Great idea! I have always wanted a nice tree skirt, but they always seem to cost more than I want to spend. I'll have to try this!


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