Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Final Countdown

My husband is approaching his return from an 8 month deployment soon ((can't publicly state the return date due to safety of the ship reasons)).  But, it's SOON.

I'm ecstatic.  You know my {HAPPY DANCES} I do? Yah, well this one will be a BIG ONE!

He's been gone for 8 months. 8 months without my husband, best friend, Jackson's dad, the other pair of helping hands.  And it's been a long 8 months. 

He is coming back at a good time though.  He left when J was almost two and a half so while he knew who Daddy was and loved him, he didn't "act out" when he left.  However now, he has started asking for Daddy a lot, especially when he's being scolded or put into a time out. 

We bought our house in November, and he left in May.... so we didn't have that much time to settle into the house and get things done before he left.  I'm very excited to have him come back and see all the changes. 

Here's a quick list of off the top of my head things I can think of that have been changed:
Pantry re-do
Jackson's play set in the backyard
Decorated the front hallway
Master bedroom redo (a COMPLETE over-haul which I will soon be posting about, YAY!)
Converted our garage into my "studio"
Living Room Pallet Frame
Redid a bench for the front patio area
Organized Master Closet
Jackson's Pallet Map
Painted the stairwell and hallway
Opened my new side business - PB&Jcreations

Those are just a few of the bigger projects I can think of, and boy will he be exhausted after I pull him around the whole house to show him everything! 

But of course, as the final countdown begins, along with happiness comes complete stress and anxiety about finishing everything else I wanted done too.

I thought I had like 5 or 6 "to do's" to get done, so I sat down the other night to write them out.  That turned into a 52 item list!  Oye.
Well to help motivate me I'm sharing that list with you.  Well a condensed version of that list that pertains to "DIY'ing and the house", I narrowed it down to 20 to be my final list -- these I "must" get done.  I'm happy to say I've already gotten a couple things crossed off my list this weekend!!

(1) Finish trunk (you'll understand in a later post)
(2) Hide TV cords
(3) Hide desk cords
(4) Finish Gallery Wall
(5) Paint Dresser for closet
(6) Paint cabinet
(7) Sell desk
(8) Buy baskets for closet
(9) Make 3rd pillow
(10) Paint last curtain
(yes, I'm so embarrassed to admit from my painted curtains post way back in May, I have a last panel to still finish).
 (11) Clean Laundry Room
(12) Rehang pallet map in J's room
(13) Organize J's room
(14) Steam curtains
(15) Clean/organize dresser
(16) Move Ikea Table
(17) Paint stairwell & hallway
(18) Get Mazda fixed/tuned up
(19) Clean the grill
(20) Tidy up my studio

Funny thing is while I'm stressing to get all this done.  I guarantee you my husband wouldn't care if I didn't get a single item crossed off. 

Who thinks I can do it? Get all 20 items crossed off within a short amount of time.
I better get to it!



  1. I think you can do it! Or at least do the ones that are most important to you. I'm sure he wont care about anything that has or hasn't been done to the house because he'll be way to excited just to be back with you & J! But, I know you'll be super proud to show him everything you've done, and your excitement will power you through to get your items checked off!! :)

  2. Your goals sound very achieveable. Knowing you like I do, you will get them done.
    Do take time for some cuddling time with Jackson though. I also know you will do that as above all else he is a number one priority. Missing you guys and thank you for your updates and pictures. Love Mom

  3. You are unbelievable! I can't wait to get home and see all of your hard work in person :) I love you and couldn't be prouder to have such an amazing, hard working wife!

  4. Glad to hear he's coming home. How cute is his comment!! Love it!

    I don't know how you lovely deployment ladies do it. Can't even imagine.

  5. I am SO excited for you too!!!! I know you are counting the days and finishing up some projects will help the days go faster! Big hugs friend!!


  6. Hooray!!!! I'm SO glad he's coming home soon!! that's awesome!!! You can do it friend, start checking stuff off that list :)

  7. Pamela I'm SO excited he's coming home! Tell him THANK YOU for sacrificing his home life for MY freedom. I love the military, we pray for them daily. He'll be so excited to see all you've done while he's been serving. Here's to a VERY happy homecoming! XOXO

  8. Enjoy his homecoming and thank him for his service - thank you ALL come to think of it. blessings! Eileen


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