Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My 2012 New Year Resolutions - a litte late.

New Year Resolutions

I understand it's a few days into the New Year and I'm just posting my resolutions now, so I can tell you that I will not have a resolution regarding not being a procrastinator.

However, in my defense, I didn't get back to VA until the 2nd, and needed a day to settle in.

Here we go:

Find Balance and Happiness
In 2011 I just started blogging & doing my new side business PB&Jcreations and it quickly took up a lot of "free time" I had after work. It kept me busy and happy while my husband has been gone on deployment, but I know once he returns priorities need to be set.  I have loved my projects and making signs, but they keep me busy every.single.night. and weekends and I know I'll have to find a balance of work and play.

Love more Critique less.
I have a tendency to be really hard on my husband {and myself} about things he does.  I kind of have always expected the most from him, without appreciating all the little things.  He and I have vowed to build a lot more on our relationship this year and this is one of my biggest areas I'll personally be working on for us.  This goes hand in hand with learning to become a happier person.  I hope that as I learn to love more, I'll let go of the little things and in turn - be happier more often.

Communicate Openly
Another resolution regarding my husband and I.  This will be the first time we are together for almost an entire year for the past five years.  Sometimes it's so easy to get used to communicating via email and texts it becomes more difficult to communicate openly with one another face to face.  Luckily this will also work well in many other areas of my life such as my career. 

Make Sense of Organizing
As our lives get busier, organization is a must.  I've already tackled a few projects in 2011 that helped with organization; my kitchen pantry and my cork board. But I hope to tackle a lot more projects that will help with organization in our home... and be sure to continue using them effectively.

Grow with Jackson
Jackson will be turning 4 in 2012 and become a lot more independent this year.  As he grows, I hope I can grow with him - at his level and as a parent.  Does that make sense to anyone else?  I want to let him grow, make his own decisions, and help build up his imagination but also learn to be a little more constructive with my rules and disciplining to help him learn boundaries.

That's it.  Obviously I have other areas I hope to grow and continue to work on, but those are my main ones that I always want to keep in mind throughout 2012 and I really do hope that these are not the typical resolutions such as "lose weight" that are quickly tossed aside.  These will help me become a better wife, a better mother, and a better person.

What are your resolutions?


  1. Ahh, my word for the year is "Better".

  2. I have a resolution to do better at communicating with my husband as well. I also tend to critique what he does a lot too, AND what he DOESN'T do, which is my problem, not his, so I'm working on that one too. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love your resolutions. Looks like you have a very happy 2012 in store for you. I especially like the part of letting go of the little things. I truly believe life is better when you don't sweat the small stuff.


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