Sunday, January 22, 2012

One woman’s trash is another persons gold

I have been so blessed and happy to have had such support from buyers so far for my PB&Jcreations business.  I have been a busy busy girl with it too! 
A lot of my pieces have been custom made pieces – which if you’re interested, don’t be afraid to ask!  I love creating these and knowing that someone has a piece of art in their home that is exactly what they wanted and unique for them. 
I made this sign for a close blogger friend and sadly after it was completed I noticed two big OOPS on it.  Two letters were painted crooked Sad smile SO! I was about to toss it out when I thought I’d give the opportunity to see if any of my PB&J readers would be interested in it?? Small glitch & all.

It measures 11.25”x18”3/4th” and the letters are painted in a bright white with a nice dark brown as the background.  The edges have been lightly distressed and has a sawtooth hanger on the back, ready to hang. 
I’m offering it for free to anyone that would be interested!  Only cost would be the $10 for shipping.


Crooked “I” and “H” Sad smileBUT! For FREE would you like it in your home?

First to leave a comment with their paypal email address will be the lucky recipient,
and I’ll send them an invoice for the shipping cost. 



  1. I would still love to have.

  2. Me too... That would be a perfect addition to my subway sign wall in my dining room. I love your work:)

  3. ha...most people probably won't even notice. Love it.

  4. I LOVE THIS!!! I would never have noticed:)

  5. crooked or not, I love the message. kristincita1(at)comcast(dot)net

  6. Do you know that when the Navajo indians weave a blanket they purposefully include a flaw because only God is perfect. I love your imperfect sign because the sentiment is perfect. I'd love to hang it in my home if you haven't already given it away. kristincita1(at)comcast(dot)net
    Kristin (Google is giving me fits so I had to go anonymous)


Love hearing back from my readers, you make my day! Thanks, Pamela of PBJstories

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