Sunday, January 29, 2012

Our loved Sailor returns!

If you’re a regular reader of PB&Jstories you know that my husband returned home last Friday from his 8 month deployment.  It was an emotional day filled with happiness, excitement, nerves and anticipation all rolled into one. 

I hired a professional photographer to be there to take pictures during his homecoming because I was so excited to see how our three year old Jackson was going to react seeing his very much missed daddy.  We only have a handful of pictures as a family, so this was one moment in our lives I wanted to capture.

His ship was pulling into the pier at about 9:15am, and I was so sad to wake up and see that it was dark, gloomy and rainy out.   I had high hopes the rain would end quick enough before their ship was pulling up but we had no such luck. 

We braved the wind, cold and rain for about an hour before all the sailors were able to walk off the ship.  It’s a long waiting game, but being surrounded by all the families of the sailors is such an amazing experience.  His ship has 250 sailors on board and they’re all being welcomed home by family and friends.  There was even about 5 sailors that were coming home to their daughter or son whom they’ve never met before. 

Here’s a handful of pictures from the day I wanted to share with everyone.

{Keeping an eye out for the first sight of their ship}

{This one makes me giggle, but as you can tell it was windyyyy}

[First sight of the ship in full view!}

{Playing in the puddles}

{The little tug boats meeting the ship to bring them into the pier!}

{Where J started getting crabby}
Unfortunately about half hour before they walked off the ship, it started down pouring so everyone ran for cover.  They had a tent which only fit so many people, and then a tunnel in between the two piers which everyone tried cramming into.  J was so cold, wet and miserable he spent the next half hour crying his eyes out and wanting to go home. 

BUT then finally the waiting was worth it as our first sign of Billy! 





{Cold, soaking wet, but totally and completely happy to be going home as a family}

A HUGE shout out to Sean Holder for taking our pictures during such a treasured moment and baring the HORRIBLE weather conditions with me!  If you’re in the local Virginia  Beach area, I highly suggest contacting Sean Holder Photography for any photo sessions plus he even teaches classes for photography, called Virginia Photo Safari.

Another big shout out to all our family and friends that supported us during the deployment.  The love and support we received from everyone helped make the time apart a little easier.  Everyone has been so happy for us that he is home safe and sound and warms our hearts knowing that we have been in the thoughts and hearts of so many wonderful people.

Thank You.



  1. This was beautiful! The kiss picture made me tear up. Thank you, all three of you, for the sacrifices you make for the rest of us!

  2. BEAUTIFUL pictures Pamela!! You will cherish them always I'm sure!! Welcome home to your hubby :)

  3. Beautiful photos. What a great idea to have someone capture your special moments! You can barely even notice the rain... The kissing one reminds me of the New York one with the couple seeing each other after a long absence.

  4. I have tears in my eyes and goosebumps. How amazing to have these photographs to remind you of this day. Beautiful.

    And thank you especially to your hubby for his sacrifices.

  5. Crying tears of happiness for your sweet family. What a blessing! The pictures are priceless, love all of them!

  6. I need to line up my reunion photog =) SO SO SO SO happy for you guys! <3 enjoy your time together x1000000

    the deployments are brutal but the homecomings? ahhhh! enjoy! <3

  7. beautiful pictures, beautiful family! This gave me goosebumps!

  8. These pictures made me tear up. Enjoy your family time! Wonderful.

  9. This had me tearing up! So glad you have him back home. What a beautiful way to remember that day! Thank him for his service and sacrifice.

    Sending my best to you and yours.

  10. I bet you are so happy to have your lovin man home!

  11. My hubby was a sailor for 8 yrs. These precious photos brought back a lot of memeories! Thanks for sharing!

  12. I can see the love in your eyes in the picture where you are looking at each other! It's so beautiful! I just started following your blog a couple weeks back, but I'm so happy you have your sailor home with you and your son. God bless.

    Haute To sew

  13. OH my GOSH. Tears in my eyes now. What a story. So glad I just found you and your blog. Please thank your Sailor for his service. My family is so grateful for families like yours and your daily sacrifices. I too have a 3-year-old son and can only imagine the sweetness of the moment he saw that his daddy was home. Your pictures are gorgeous and romantic! Thank you for the window in...

  14. So glad that your family is back together again! Nothing makes me happier than to hear reunion stories. I've been there many times before myself.


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