Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Quick Furniture Redo

This was NOT a quick project. This was a EIGHT month project.  Let’s just say the biggest ingredient for this one was procrastination.  I’d do one step… wait two months… do another step… wait two months…etc etc.  Until FINALLY this past weekend!  I installed the new hardware and snapped the final after shots. FINALLY.

Here she is.


I originally bought this for $20 at a yard sale on the way home from work one day (posted here).  I figured it’d be a quick redo and sell type of piece of furniture. Far. Far. From it.  In fact I originally thought she was going to be a nightstand for our Master Bedroom.

Here she was before:


I could tell she had been painted {poorly} at least once, the front doors didn’t close properly, and the inside didn’t have a bottom.  Just a make-shift cabinet door turned bottom.

Again.  First time I’ve had to really fix a piece of furniture I was redoing, and I under estimated what I was getting myself into.
I ended up taking off both doors, sawing off the middle support bar, and rebuilding the entire inside of the cabinet for the sides and base.
Not to mention she didn’t just have ONE bad paint job – she had FOUR bad layers of paint that took two bottles of paint remover, and a handful of headaches for me.

Finally.  After she was stripped, stripped, and stripped two more times, sanded for hours, rebuilt the base and inside … I began to paint.  I used Rustoleum High Gloss Black Oil-Based Enamel.  I knew I wanted her to have a high shine to her and wanted to take on a project working with an oil-based paint. 

Here is her AFTER:

All shiny and new and fancy new hardware.

I learned a lot having to rebuild the bottom – and as all projects are meant to be it was a learning experience.  It didn’t end up perfect, but as long as I learn and move forward I’m happy.


Now she’ll be listed for sale and hope she finds a new happy home.
P.S. The sign is a brand new addition to the Etsy Shop! Be sure to check it out.


  1. Great makeover! Love the high gloss!

    @ Creatively Living

  2. Looks great Pamela!! Definitely time well spent :)

  3. I love the glossiness of this! Great job sticking with it!

  4. Love the subway art. Reminds me of the Family Rules Project...

    Can I use this photo on the Project's part 3 (giving back credit, of course). My 3rd part of the project is going to show other ideas for family rules and this one could fall under the short and simple. Let me know!

  5. Very very pretty, I love how shiny it is:)

  6. The new table is lovely, but I really like the art! I have a "we do" on our wall, but I don't have awesome as one of the things and that is best thing to "do". Love it!


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