Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Master Bedroom DIY Projects and Shopping List

I am so honored and grateful for all the amazing comments and feedback I’ve received from my Master Bedroom Reveal.  You guys are AMAZING! 

As promised here is an open book to all the how-to’s and details of how I put together my room makeover.

I tackled a lot of projects in this room DIY style and searched high and low for great deals so I could keep costs low. 

For each different area I’ll do a breakdown of DIY projects and then a shopping list of where I found all my goodies.


DIY project list
(1) Distressed Plank Headboard: I created this oversized headboard from a few planks of wood that I distressed by hand and mounted directly to the wall. Visit the tutorial here.
(2) Goodwill Nightstand Redo’s: One of the hardest tasks was to find nightstands that were suitable height for our extra tall bed.  Nightstands are made to match the popular low platform beds now a days, and I couldn’t fit any that were suitable in size compared to our bed until I found some old ones at Goodwill.  Each one had a price tag of about $20, and after some paint and distressing they were the perfect size for our bedroom.
(3) Wedding Song Lyric Art:  One of my favorite projects I’ve completed this is our wedding song, “The Story” by Brandi Carlile.  See my reveal here, and my tutorial how I did it here.
(4) DIY Throw Pillows: Unfortunately I didn't write a tutorial for these but I made them using a basic pattern for an envelope style throw pillow, and then added buttons on one, and a long line of ruffles on another.

Shopping List
Nightstands – Goodwill
Aqua lamp – TJMaxx Home Goods
Puckering Duvet Set - Target (purchased when on Clearance)
Throw Pillows – DIY, fabric from JoAnn Fabric
Globe – Goodwill


DIY Project List
(1) Stenciled and Painted Curtains: I purchased $8 curtains from KMart and used a stencil from Cutting Edge Stencil, some acrylic paint & fabric medium to create this beautiful West-Elm knock off’s.  Find this tutorial here.
(2) Towel Bar for Curtain Rod: Instead of buying an extra long curtain rod for our large picture window (which are typical spendy) I used two towel rods!  I knew I wasn’t going to be closing these curtains across the window ever so it was the perfect, and inexpensive, option!

Shopping List
Desk – Ikea, Top is Vika Amon {currently marked down from $39.99 to $25.99!} and two sets of the Vika Lerberg legs {only $10 each}
Becca Linen in Beige Dining Chair – {See below for exclusive discount available to PB&Jstories readers!!!}
Let It Be sign – PB&Jcreations
Curtains – DIY using Cutting Edge Stencil Moroccan Dream


DIY Project List
(1) Filing Cabinet from old trunk: Using an old trunk I did a makeover to make it a useful piece of office space to hold our important papers. Find the tutorial here.
(2) Hide-Away Printer: Converting one of my Hemnes dresser drawers into a fold down drawer I made a convenient spot for my printer.  Tutorial is here.

Shopping List
Trunk – Old trunk of my husbands
Dresser – Hemnes from Ikea
Rug - Yellow Trellis from {this has been one of the most popular asked about item in my room and I’m so sorry to say that this specific rug has been discontinued, however be sure to read the bottom of this post for an exclusive discount available to PB&Jstories readers}


DIY Project List
Yellow Vase: What a coat of spray paint can do to a vase found in the clearance section, the tutorial is here for how to spray paint glass.
Frame surrounding TV: I actually was given this frame by my best friend and simply just mounted it to the wall to sit evenly around the TV.

Shopping List
Yellow Vase - DIY’d, vase from clearance section of HomeGoods
Books: Goodwill to help blend in the DVR and DVD player
Frame: Gifted from best friend
Large “S”: I love love love this oversized S and I bought it from this super cute Etsy shop! Be sure to visit and say you are visiting it from me!


Wall Color – Dovetail by Sherwin Williams

Dovetail Paint

That’s about it!  Feel free to email me at PBJstories{at} if you have any other questions about our Master Bedroom!

Now for the exciting news!

The wonderful people of have offered my readers a discount of 20% off their purchase! Coupon code “GG20” when checking out.
I was very fortunate to purchase my rug when it was on clearance as it was about to be discontinued.  The listed price for this size is now $550 {I bought it for $85!} but I did call and speak with Customer Service to double check if they were getting it back in stock and unfortunately it will not be.
I have found these BEAUTIFUL rugs that are similar to the trellis design, and use the discount code for an additional 20% off!!! “GG20”


Saturday, February 25, 2012

How {NOT} to Chalkboard Paint a Mug

My husband leaves before I do in the morning and he usually leaves me little quick notes wishing me a good day which always make me smile.  I’ve seen some pictures around Pinterest and blogosphere that have hand painted mugs and I thought it’d be such a cute idea to do use chalkboard paint and paint a mug so we could leave notes to enjoy during our coffee. 

Simple enough right? See for yourself!

Materials Needed:

- Plain Coffee Mug {I picked mine up $3 at Target}
- Blue Painters Tape
- Chalkboard Paint {I figured spray paint would be easier than the actual paint}


I wanted a two-tone look so instead of painting the entire mug I used my blue painters tape and covered the part I wanted to remain white.  It will have a cute “dipped” look afterwards.


I sprayed light even coats of the chalkboard paint over the entire mug.  Spraying light even coats will help eliminate any drip markings.  Be sure to be in a well ventilated area like outside with this type of spray paint, it’s quite potent. 

After it’s dried, remove the painters tape and VOILA! An adorable coffee mug you can write messages on!! I thought it was so cute and simple!


Now have you been wondering why this post was titled “How {NOT} to Chalkboard Paint a Mug”?
Well my happiness went to heart break when I went to wipe off the message and noticed that apparently it was not as durable as I envisioned.


{Violins playing in the background}
Ahhhh yet again another project fail. So sad.
So apparently there is a trick to painting your mugs, and I have a feeling it has to do with using this type of product:

41UdX JGH1L._SL500_AA300_

Chalkboard paint that’s made specifically for porcelain.  Maybe I’ll try again using the right product.  Until then hope you enjoyed my Project Fail Smile


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Master Bedroom Redo Reveal

I’ve been talking about this post forever, and it’s finally time for our Master Bedroom reveal! 
Now when I say reveal I mean for the time being {of course}, because when is work ever really done?  I accomplished all my big projects I wanted done and the room is set – as is – for a while. I’ll break it down including all the projects I did in another post for now I just want to show off some a lot of pictures!

I’ve never even hinted at what our master bedroom was initially.  When we moved in our home we didn’t even really touch our bedroom except paint it green.  I initially thought I wanted to “change up my color palate” and go for greens and earth tones.  That didn’t last – I wasn’t inspired at all.  So once my husband left for deployment I vowed to redo our room by the time he returned. 

Find the total breakdown of DIY projects and shopping list details here:
Master Bedroom: DIY Projects and Shopping List

Here is a boring before picture:








The view of the room with my “office space” and functional items I utilized for my work space.



By the way, can anyone take a wild guess at my favorite color scheme? Just a wild shot in the dark? Anyone?
{hint: look at the room again, then look at my blog} :)

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Adding Color with Small Details

I’ve slowly but steadily been doing some changes to Jackson’s room lately.  It initially started when I walked into his room one day and had a spaz attack and frantically started rearranging his furniture.  {Does anyone else ever have those moment, or am I alone?}
There was no turning back.

The biggest change I want to do in his room is add color to it.  It’s painted a dark blue and has dark furniture, and currently decorated with vintage themed cars. While very cute, it lacks color and I’ve just been itching to add bright reds, yellows, and greens into his room.

The easiest way to add color that doesn’t cost a lot or a need to repaint the entire room? Add little hints of color with accessories throughout the room.


This was what I did this afternoon as a quick fun change to add in color and keep with the vintage d├ęcor in his room.  Here’s a before shot of his dresser. 
I ordered these fun and colorful faucet handles last week and they just arrived in the mail.

And his dresser after! 


Cute and simple fun new dresser knobs now!

I may even take some spray paint to the rest of the knobs and do them in a platinum silver just to make them pop a bit too.

I love them! Aren’t they perfect?

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Friday, February 17, 2012

The goodies in my February Birchbox!

FIRST AND FOREMOST I want to take a moment and twirl my dress and let you take it in.  Do you notice anything different?  A brand new blog design and tagline!  Once again Cindy from Blessed Design Studio did it and she did an amazing job.  It's everything I wanted and makes me do lots and lots of {HAPPY DANCES}! Did you notice the new tagline? "PB&Jstories: Where paint, sawdust, and design go together like PB&J"
Would love to hear what you think of the new makeover!
Need a reminder what it used to look like?

And now for the actual post for today:


Have you heard of Birchbox yet?  It’s pretty amazing!  I have never spent a lot on makeup or skin care products.  It’s a blessing … and a curse.  I’ve been blessed that I don’t have to invest in the high cost skin care products to keep fairly clear skin, but at the same time I’ve always shopped at Target for my makeup and by whatever “looks pretty”.  That’s right.  I’m a marketing/packaging fool.
I just have never been able to stomach the idea of shelling out $50+ for a makeup or skin care product that I don’t even know if it works. 

Enter Birchbox.

It’s a monthly subscription deal that only costs $10 and you are mailed a box of amazing goodies the first of every month.  There’s usually four to five luxuries beauty products spanning from cosmetics to high end skin care products.  They’re the perfect sample size items that actually allow you to truly use the product and see if you like it.

{Anyone else ever get the samples that Sephora gives out that are essentially a one-time use sample? How do you truly know if it works and you love it?}

Well with Birchbox the samples are of ample size and allow you to truly test and wear the product before deciding if it’s something you would want to purchase.

This is my second month of goodies and I wanted to share what I received this month.


Typically it’s a combination of skin care and cosmetic products {which when you sign up you answer a small survey of questions so they know what type of skin care and coloring you have to send you the correct sample}. 

Here’s a detailed list of what was included for me this month:
Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint  $38.00
This might be the buyer of February’s box.  I la-la-LOVE this product!  It’s so smooth and lays so nice on my skin!  I’ve never tried a tined moisturizer before and I just loved this one.  It’s light-weight but gives the perfect amount of glow for a base coverage. 
WEI  Chinese Rose Foaming Cleanser $32

Orofluido Elixir $29.99
{hair care product}

Chuao Chocolate Bars $6
{Yahhh, this isn’t in my box picture as I pretty much ripped this open the second I opened the box! It was a mixture of chilies, chipotle and dark chocolate!!! How could I resist?!}

Colorscience Glow and Go Travel Puff: which contains the powder minerals of Mineral Bronzer Face Color in Kissed By The Sun $50.00

And since I didn’t do a post for January’s Birchbox I wanted to do a specific shout-out to this product.

VMV Hypoallergenics Re-Everything Eye Serum $80.00
I have tried a few different skin care products to help with the lines around my eyes.  I most certainly do NOT get enough sleep every night, plus with stress, age etc etc etc it’s all starting to show.  I have never seen a product truly actually work the first application like they typically say the do, well this one DID. And here’s why I have fallen in love with Birchbox because no way would I EVER have purchased a product that cost $80 since I didn’t know if it’d even work, especially since most eye care products haven’t for me.  This one does. This one I’m obsessed with.  The sample size has lasted me a MONTH and is still going strong.  That’s right ladies & gentlemen over a month from a sample size.  I have been debating if I am going to make the big purchase once I run out and I’m 99.99% sure I will be, all thanks to being able to sample it first!

As most websites now, Birchbox offers discounts and points for referring others to their website which I would LOVE it if you do sign up through me as I’ll collect points and be able to use them on purchases like for my uber expensive eye cream.  But that is not why I’m writing this post or telling you all about it.  I’m doing this because as with any other product sponsored post I promise to ever write about – I am telling you because I’m excited about it.  Because I love it.  Because I can’t wait to receive my cute little Birchbox the first week of every month now, and it only costs $10/month.
Easy – Peezy.

I’d love it if you do join to come back and let me know so I can send you a big thank you!
So click here to sign up and start you monthly box of goodies being delivered to your doorstep!

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