Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Master Bedroom DIY Projects and Shopping List

I am so honored and grateful for all the amazing comments and feedback I’ve received from my Master Bedroom Reveal.  You guys are AMAZING! 

As promised here is an open book to all the how-to’s and details of how I put together my room makeover.

I tackled a lot of projects in this room DIY style and searched high and low for great deals so I could keep costs low. 

For each different area I’ll do a breakdown of DIY projects and then a shopping list of where I found all my goodies.


DIY project list
(1) Distressed Plank Headboard: I created this oversized headboard from a few planks of wood that I distressed by hand and mounted directly to the wall. Visit the tutorial here.
(2) Goodwill Nightstand Redo’s: One of the hardest tasks was to find nightstands that were suitable height for our extra tall bed.  Nightstands are made to match the popular low platform beds now a days, and I couldn’t fit any that were suitable in size compared to our bed until I found some old ones at Goodwill.  Each one had a price tag of about $20, and after some paint and distressing they were the perfect size for our bedroom.
(3) Wedding Song Lyric Art:  One of my favorite projects I’ve completed this is our wedding song, “The Story” by Brandi Carlile.  See my reveal here, and my tutorial how I did it here.
(4) DIY Throw Pillows: Unfortunately I didn't write a tutorial for these but I made them using a basic pattern for an envelope style throw pillow, and then added buttons on one, and a long line of ruffles on another.

Shopping List
Nightstands – Goodwill
Aqua lamp – TJMaxx Home Goods
Puckering Duvet Set - Target (purchased when on Clearance)
Throw Pillows – DIY, fabric from JoAnn Fabric
Globe – Goodwill


DIY Project List
(1) Stenciled and Painted Curtains: I purchased $8 curtains from KMart and used a stencil from Cutting Edge Stencil, some acrylic paint & fabric medium to create this beautiful West-Elm knock off’s.  Find this tutorial here.
(2) Towel Bar for Curtain Rod: Instead of buying an extra long curtain rod for our large picture window (which are typical spendy) I used two towel rods!  I knew I wasn’t going to be closing these curtains across the window ever so it was the perfect, and inexpensive, option!

Shopping List
Desk – Ikea, Top is Vika Amon {currently marked down from $39.99 to $25.99!} and two sets of the Vika Lerberg legs {only $10 each}
Becca Linen in Beige Dining Chair – {See below for exclusive discount available to PB&Jstories readers!!!}
Let It Be sign – PB&Jcreations
Curtains – DIY using Cutting Edge Stencil Moroccan Dream


DIY Project List
(1) Filing Cabinet from old trunk: Using an old trunk I did a makeover to make it a useful piece of office space to hold our important papers. Find the tutorial here.
(2) Hide-Away Printer: Converting one of my Hemnes dresser drawers into a fold down drawer I made a convenient spot for my printer.  Tutorial is here.

Shopping List
Trunk – Old trunk of my husbands
Dresser – Hemnes from Ikea
Rug - Yellow Trellis from {this has been one of the most popular asked about item in my room and I’m so sorry to say that this specific rug has been discontinued, however be sure to read the bottom of this post for an exclusive discount available to PB&Jstories readers}


DIY Project List
Yellow Vase: What a coat of spray paint can do to a vase found in the clearance section, the tutorial is here for how to spray paint glass.
Frame surrounding TV: I actually was given this frame by my best friend and simply just mounted it to the wall to sit evenly around the TV.

Shopping List
Yellow Vase - DIY’d, vase from clearance section of HomeGoods
Books: Goodwill to help blend in the DVR and DVD player
Frame: Gifted from best friend
Large “S”: I love love love this oversized S and I bought it from this super cute Etsy shop! Be sure to visit and say you are visiting it from me!


Wall Color – Dovetail by Sherwin Williams

Dovetail Paint

That’s about it!  Feel free to email me at PBJstories{at} if you have any other questions about our Master Bedroom!

Now for the exciting news!

The wonderful people of have offered my readers a discount of 20% off their purchase! Coupon code “GG20” when checking out.
I was very fortunate to purchase my rug when it was on clearance as it was about to be discontinued.  The listed price for this size is now $550 {I bought it for $85!} but I did call and speak with Customer Service to double check if they were getting it back in stock and unfortunately it will not be.
I have found these BEAUTIFUL rugs that are similar to the trellis design, and use the discount code for an additional 20% off!!! “GG20”



  1. Absolutely amazing! Thanks for the details!

  2. I've loved watching this whole thing come together over the past few months. You did an excellent job! This is seriously one of my favorite master bedrooms

  3. Oh, and I forgot to mention...I've had my own trunk for years that desperately needs a makeover. I am now totally adding feet to it! And I am definitely robbing your towel-bar turned curtain rod idea for my very long window. Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much for such sweet comments!! I love that you're taking so many of the ideas for your own home. Thanks for following and reading :)


  4. It was a pleasure featuring your beautiful makeover, Pamela! :) I'm always amazed by how much talent there is in blog land! :D

  5. WOW. Just found your blog. I don't know where to start -except you are all round quite the talent!

  6. How did you hide the cords from the tv? I LOVE the frame around the tv! Great idea!!

  7. What size is your rug? Do you have a Queen or King bed?

  8. I love the splash of yellow in your room. The whole room looks organized and beautiful!

  9. Where did you get your dresser?

  10. What color paint did you use to redo your night stands?

    Love your bedroom!

  11. I OVE LOVE LOVE your room! We are getting ready for a master bedroom makeover. :) I am copying some of your fabulous ideas! I am also wondering how did you hide the TV cords on the wall? THANK YOU for your inspiration!!!!

    1. You're so kind!!! Thank you so much for the sweet comments. I actually just used a typical cord hider thingy, they're plastic and you drill one side into the wall and then snap the cover onto it. Then painted the whole thing the same color as our walls.

      Hope that helps!

  12. Awesome!!...Thank you for sharing! :)
    We start on Friday, so doing all the pre-planning now.

  13. Did you paint your Hemnes dresser or is this the black-brown option? I was looking to buy but I want mine to look more like yours and not have any brown in it!


Love hearing back from my readers, you make my day! Thanks, Pamela of PBJstories

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