Thursday, February 2, 2012

Quick trip back to Minnesota, ta-ta until Tuesday!

PB&J are heading back to Minnesota tomorrow morning bright and early for a quick trip for the weekend.  My husband hasn’t been there in almost a year and a half so it’s about time his family and friends got to see him. 

Friday night we are getting a super fun night out for a date night courtesy of my brother being the baby sitter of Jackson.  Saturday night his parents are throwing a super fun, super big party {these types of parties are the inspiration of the sign that I created saying “we do loud we do fun we do awesome}.  Sunday will be a day for relaxing and then Monday we’re on the plane back to VA. 

I hope to return with a few good pictures but I know I will be kept away from the social media world for the weekend so for now I’ll say ta-ta and leave you with some happy quotes.


Why the quotes you may ask?  I'm still finding a balance of blogging and PB&Jcreations and where I'm wanting it all to bring me.  I've decided recently that I really want to continue in this adventure and see all where it takes me, but I really need to learn to not expect absolute perfection from myself on a constant basis... who says what perfect is anyways??


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