Sunday, March 11, 2012

Custom Signs–Keeping me busy!

I have been so blessed with my business PB&Jcreations that I just started past October.  I absolutely love coming up with new designs to add to my shop selection, but what I love even more is making custom signs for customers. I’ve been so busy lately with fulfilling orders and making custom signs I’ve been unable to stay on top of DIY projects and blog posts.  You can’t win them all!

I wanted to share a small selection of some recent custom signs.

The first is my most recent one I made for my Sister in Law and her soon to be born son Max!
Update: I will not be able to sell this one in my shop, but please refer to Sugarboo Designs if you're interested in purchasing the original piece that was the inspiration for this gift.



It’s 24”x24” so it’s great to hang on the wall, but also can lean on a shelf too or on top of the dresser.


The frame was the a new experience for me, first time I’ve added a frame to a piece but I just love how it adds a rustic detail to the sign!

This one was a variation of my most popular sign from my Etsy shop, but they requested a custom color & word! I love how it turned out!  I’ve done a few other custom pieces of this sign too; I’ve done the heart in a coral color, and a green. I also recently made one that will be used as dĂ©cor to be a part of a wedding and added their names & wedding date on the back, <3 the personal touches.



This adorable one was made for a wife to give to her husband for Valentine’s Day…  It’s 52 reasons why I love you! They’re so cute and unique to the couple I love that they have such a personal piece now for their bedroom!


So that’s why I’ve been sort of hiding lately but I PROMSE I’m also working on a few other fun DIY projects that I’ll be showing soon too! My weekends lately have been non-stop!

Be sure to check out my PB&Jcreations Etsy Shop and YES, if you’re wanting a custom sign YES I’d love to make you one just message me! Smile



  1. YAYAYAYAYAYYAY! Can't wait to hang it in his room :)

  2. These are all just wonderful Pamela. LOVE THEM.

  3. So great! I made a canvas version of the you are my sunshine one for my bathroom(we have an awkward window!) I like yours better!!

  4. Oh my gosh! I LOVE that list of 'love' things. It is absolutely DIVINE! SO CUTE! I might have to get that for the hubby....Well, for our home. I'm sure it would be more for my decoration reasons! CUTE!!

  5. I can say from experience that your signs are AMAZINGLY well done and beautiful! Keep up the awesome work!

  6. totally love that your Etsy shop is doing so well! You know we love your DIY projects, but we can totally wait while you take care of business! :)

  7. Thanks girlie!
    Love your sweet signs too!!! I so can't wait till we meet at Haven. Fun times ahead :)

  8. love that "you are my sunshine" sign! so precious! brings back such sweet memories from my childhood, and now I'm singing it to my little guy:-) xoxo

  9. Goodess, I LOVE YOUR SIGNS! Your Etsy shop is just amazing!

  10. Love the last one! Great father's day gift for my husband.


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