Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Day of Antiquing

This past weekend we headed out to do a little shopping at a local Antique Mall, Barretts Street Mall.  It's a huge market both outdoor and indoor and full of amazing finds.  I used to get out there a lot more, but this is the first time this year and I was tempted to buy soooo many amazing goodies!

Do you see all this amazingness!?



That sign would be perfect for our home as… I’m pretty sure my husband sets off our fire alarm at least once a week.  I was in love with the wooden crate storing all the fun signs.


I just love their nautical theme goods too! One of those life savers would be a perfect addition to our nautical themed bathroom.
I would DIE of happiness to have this for my son’s room!!! And I was actually quite shocked at the pricetag, I thought it’d be like $400, and was $150.  Had the husband been as excited as I was about it it may have been coming home with us!
I think it’d just be perfect as a faux-headboard above his bed!


Now onto the indoors of the market.  First thing right when you walk in.. the Pac Man machine.  The husband made some kind of  noise that sounded like he was dying to have it… as I imagine he would put it in his “dream man cave”.  He’s determined to have a man cave one day filled with games, billards, dart boards, I’m sure 5+ big screen TV’s and a few “man chair’s”. Men.


As for the Tiger…. yah he creeped me out.  Thought he was picture worthy.


Who doesn’t love these??? Would be so cute to showcase a bunch of small collectibles!


Well, this just made me sad.  New Kids on The Block in an Antique Market? I’m not that old am I?


Now seriously.  I’ve hit the swoon worthy section!  Those spools – amazing. Those Louis Vuitton suitcases – ohhhh my goodness.  They were only a mere $1500 per piece.

And onto the furniture pieces.  These were my two favorite I saw by far.  I cried a bit when I saw the pricetag on the campaign dresser because I was totally wishing it had been affordable.  I’ve been wishing for a campaign dresser for so long!  But was $600 Sad smile
The second dresser I instantly pictured painted in an antique white for the next nursery. So. So. Cute.  I’m still tempted to go back and buy it! 


Wondering if we ended up with any purchases? Sure did! These two wonderful finds:

I have wanted a Ford grill for over a year for J’s room.  It’s decorated with a bunch of antique and vintage cars and have always thought it’d be the perfect backdrop for showing off the cars in his room.  I finally scored one that was within price range!

And J scored a “brand new” toy car.  This car was absolutely perfect.  The husband was in love with it too, said he had the same one when he was little.  It’s the perfect combination of antique love, and rustic car appeal that is perfect for his room d├ęcor.
Plus according to J, it’s the perfect size for his monkey to ride on.


So that’s a little peak into our last Saturday afternoon life.
Do you love searching Antique malls high and low as much as me?



  1. Now that looks like a fun day! However, my kids would not have enjoyed it as much as it looks like Jackson did!

  2. Great finds! Looks like such a fun place to go "treasure hunting"!

    -Erin Spain

  3. Oh how fun is that, so many great treasures

  4. We went antiquing on Friday & Sunday too! So many great treasures! Love it.

  5. I am truly amazed at how you can see something and have a vision for it in your house. I DO NOT have that gift at all. I'm thinking that you should come to Des Moines for a week and help me make over my house!


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