Sunday, March 4, 2012

Do You Want Some Good Luck?

My bestie asked me to make her a St. Patrick’s Day sign and I just love how it turned out!


It measures 9.25”x12”.


The luck & four leaf clover are glitter-tastic!

The background is a soft pale green, the writing is the color of butterscotch and then the luck and four leaf clover have been given a good solid glitter treatment.
I can also make it with white letters and a black background with the same green glittery letters too.

I can make ONE MORE and instead of listing it in my Etsy shop I wanted to give you guys the first opportunity for it!

It’s $28 and $7 for shipping.

First one to leave their email, I can send you an invoice via paypal and you’ll be the happy new owner!

I love it so much, and honestly if none of you want it I won’t be sad to keep it hehehehe.



  1. That is too cute, Pamela. You make awesome art work!


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