Tuesday, April 24, 2012

{All About You Series} Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea

It's another week of {All About You} series and I'm so happy to have Stephanie here to share such a cute but simple project to do for the upcoming Teacher Appreciation week! 

I wanted to take a quick second too and mention that I'll be guest posting over at Simply Klassic Home today for her BBC series (Beginner Blogger Club) about the how to - and why to - of buying your own domain.

Teaching is just one of the many professions where you are overworked and underpaid. If you are a GOOD teacher, this is true.

I have just a few years of teaching experience in private schools and a community college. It took me all but about a week of teaching to realize that, like mothers, teachers really do wear so many "hats".
Sometimes, a teacher may even be more of a parent to a child than his/her biological parent at home.
A friend of mine is a first grade teacher at a title-one school in Texas. Her students, even in first grade, know and say things that most adults don't even know. To have students who push her, bring guns to school, or ask her for food because they aren't getting fed at home, is a new world for her. She spends a good chunk of her pay check providing for these kids not only with food, but classroom supplies and a listening ear.

With teacher appreciation week quickly approaching (it starts May 7th), try to remember a teacher you may know.
Make them feel appreciated!
Oftentimes, teachers have to use their own money to buy things they need for the classroom, or special projects they want to do with their class.
Teaching is not just an 8-3 job on the weekdays.
Work is continuous and even weekends are full of "homework" they take with them.

Teaching is more of a life than a job. Those that really love the life of teaching, will stick with it and make sure their students love to learn just as much as they love to teach.

Want some ideas on what to get that teacher in your life?
Think handmade! Think functional! Think gift cards!

- GAS CARDS---like you, teachers feel the pinch at the pump...bless them with a gas card:)
-TARGET, WALMART, TEACHER STORE GIFT CARDS--- help them with supply costs for the classroom. Posters, tape, glue...it all adds up, and sometimes teachers have to pay for their own.

-They are a lot like you!... Teachers like to go out to eat, to the movies, get a pedicure, etc.

-Think handmade, but functional....as much as the little stuffed animal is cute, it is clutter. After the next day, the teacher may have no use for it, except as a desk decoration. Try to give things the teacher can use, don't take a lot of space, and have purpose.
Here's one quick and inexpensive idea of a gift I made.
What teacher doesn't like tea? Take a mason jar and fill it with a variety of yummy teas. Tie a cute tag on, and there you go!
Love this project? The first 5 people who email me a request at lifecreatedblog@aol.com, will receive one tag this week for free in the mail!

Don't forget a gift may be bought at a price, but a kind word is priceless.
Even if you can't afford a gift at all, a simple note of appreciation will do. Every day is a decision to wake up and love on your kids at school, and we should appreciate the teachers that do that for us.
How wonderful is Stephanie to offer 5 free gifts to the first people that email her?  They're so cute and really puts my bum bum into gear to figure out what to do for J's teachers! Thanks again Stephanie!  Don't forget -- if you don't have a blog to feature your own projects, I'd love to feature you here!! Just email me and we'll get your project in front of everyone on the {All About You} series!



  1. As a teacher I would like to thank Stephanie for all of her encouraging words in this article! This gift idea is so cute and creative! If you haven't visited Stephanie's life created blog I suggest you do so. She has so many other wonderful ideas posted there!

  2. These are absolutely adorable! One of the cutest I have seen. I featured these on my blog, thanks for the inspiration!


    1. Meant to include the link to the post not your post lol. Here it is: http://designdininganddiapers.com/2012/05/top-10-tuesday-teacher-appreciation-gifts/

  3. As a teacher for over 27 years, the BEST gift I can receive, is a heartfelt thank you. A simple, handwritten thank you note would mean the world to me.

  4. I give Starbucks cards and bookstore gift cards. My sister is a teacher so I know NEVER give sweets because who needs 6 trays of cookies all at once? I did once take a box of treats in the middle of the year during the teachers' block planning period, though, and I think it was well-received.

  5. Adorable!! Love the cute tags!!

  6. I shared your cute gift idea! http://www.brashearkids.com/2013/12/5-gifts-under-500.html


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