Wednesday, April 25, 2012

{Guest Post} Better Life Bags Introduction

I have needed a few days to play catch up on a few things so I have called on a few of my favorite ladies to come over to PB&J and share some of their delights with my readers! I can't wait for you to meet some new ladies, and starting off the guest post series will be Rebecca from Better Life Bags and a little intro of herself.  So please give her a warm welcome and stay tuned the remainder of this week for a few more amazing guest posts!!! <3

I am SO happy to be over here at the address of  I hope you all don't mind me invading your space for the day.  Can we just sit down on this comfy couch and get to know one another a little?  I'll grab some coffee.

I'm Rebecca.

I blog at Better Life Bags (soon to go through a legal name change to become B. Life - focusing more on the Life and less on the Bags).  The "Bags" part comes from the fact that I have a custom handbag business that I've run for over 3 years.  We'll get to that in a minute.

I'm obsessed with a few things in life.  My camera.  My Jesus.  My kids.  And a good book married with a bag of chocolate.  Milk - not dark.

My blog is a combination of those things - the things I love about life.  The things that allow me to BE LIFE to others and enjoy life myself.  Things like...

Capturing moments of bliss from behind a lens (and learning to shoot in manual).

here, here, and here

Reliving painful memories from my past to encourage people in my present.

Healing Rain, Superheroes, Miscarriage, Peace

Crafting up a storm.

Global Home Decor, Interchangeable Wreath, Spray Painted Chairs, JOY letters, Spray Painted Baskets, Instagram Photobook Tutorial

And spreading hope and life to those in need through my business: Better Life Bags.

I started my bag company three years ago, but never meant for it to get so big!  I just wanted to make a diaper bag for myself as I welcomed my first little boy into the world.  After showing the bag off on Facebook to my friends, the business took off and never stopped

But I am about MORE than just the bags.  Better Life Bags has two purposes.  

One:  to involve my customers in the design process.  Each bag is designed by you!  I have basic styles that are customized further by your choice of fabric and add-on options.  Each bag is unique and essentially one of a kind!

Two:  to give back to those in need.  I loan 10% of every purchase to low income entrepreneurs in developing countries through Kiva.  We've been able to loan over $2,000 over the past 3 years to the people you see here.  Each BLB purchase comes with a tag directing you to the story of the person your bag went to help. 

I'd love to get to know you, too.  You can find me here:
Blog  |  Shop  |  Facebook  |  Pinterest  |  Twitter  |  Google+

(Follow me in one of the above ways and I'll send you a free gift... just email me - - telling me you follow along!)

Also ... almost every Wednesday, I have a One of A Kind Wednesday SALE on our Facebook page.  Come join in the fun tonight!  It's fast and it's fun! 


Thanks again Rebecca!


  1. Beautiful bags and such a beautiful blog! Thanks for sharing her with us!!

  2. Rally lovely bags obsessed by them and want to buy them.If Printed bags will available in my town.


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