Friday, April 27, 2012

{Guest Post} Mirror Makeover from Simply Klassic Home

I am excited to have Kristin here today!! Her & I have been bloggy friends for a while now and I love her decor style so so much.  Here she is to show you her latest fun project in her master bedroom!

Hey PB&J lovers! My name is Kristin and I blog at Simply Klassic Home
I am a thirty-something, single, adoptive mom of two preschoolers. I struggled with infertility for years before choosing to adopt, only to become a single mom of TWO, unexpectedly a few years later when my adopted son’s sister came into our lives. I love being crafty and creating beautiful spaces in our home. My kids are a handful, I’m exhausted, and most days my house is a mess. My blog is the place where I share our crazy, beautiful, perfectly imperfect life!
 I've been following Pamela  practically since the beginning of her blog, and I immediately fell in love with her stories of her sweet son. I'm so excited to be a guest here on one of my favorite blogs!! I am currently in the process of a master bedroom makeover (and a living room makeover, and an office/pantry makeover, and get the idea). To understand this, you must understand how I work - I have no patience. None, Zip. Zilch. I came across a photo while blog hopping that gave me the idea for a new headboard for my bed, since I'd stolen the shutter I was using previously for another room in the house. Well once that idea was in my head I hit the gas and found myself fully immersed in an unexpected master bedroom makeover! Living Room? Office? Yeah, they're still in process too! Today I'm going to share a little sneak peek with you, in the form of a mirror makeover!

About a year ago I acquired a new to me mirror. It was quite large and didn't fit over my fireplace  so I stuck this new mirror in my garage.

While trying to come up with a large piece for the wall next to my bed, I remembered the mirror and thought it would be the perfect size, and it was! But the color was way too dark so I decided to paint it. I gained my inspiration from a mirror I had seen in my friend's space at a local antique shop -

I used paint that I had on hand: white and two shades of light gray.

Catch a glimpse of my inspiration piece there in the mirror?

The process was pretty simple. First I painted the entire frame white with a primer based paint. I then dry-brushed first the darker gray, then the lighter gray, then the darker, and then white. I haven't decided if I want to distress it. But I'm leaning towards "yes." You'll have to follow along to see the final results!

I am so excited that it turned out just like I wanted it to!!

I'll be showing off the finished space in May, after the BBC (Beginner Blogger's Club) comes to a close. In the meantime, I hope that you'll stop by and say hello!


I LOVE that mirror it fits so perfectly in her master bedroom!! Oh anddddd is anyone else DYING over her headboard sneak peek??? I can tell it will be the perfect bold statement she wanted and is going to look AMAZING! Can't wait, so as she said be sure to follow her over at Simply Klassic Home.



  1. Looks fantastic Kristin! love the texture the paint added!! :)

  2. Beautiful Mirror! I can't wait to see your bedroom reveal, that headboard looks fabulous!


Love hearing back from my readers, you make my day! Thanks, Pamela of PBJstories

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