Thursday, April 19, 2012

Martha Stewart Craft Project–Rose Stenciled Frame

 Yesterday I gave a sneak peek at all the amazing products I received from the Martha Stewart craft line from Plaid Crafts, and today I'm revealing a project I made with a bunch of the goodies.  I made this frame as a gift for my momma for Mother's Day (Mom - advert your eyes unless you want to spoil the surprise hehe). 

This was fairly easy to make and is a nice big over-sized frame that will make a statement in any room.  I love the combination of colors and metallic gold finish of the stripes. 
Here's my step by step how I made it:

Using a 24"x24" piece of pine plywood I sanded it with a 120 grit, wiped it down with a tack cloth and then using the Martha Stewart roller brush and white paint I did two coats of white paint as the backdrop color.
Once the white paint was completely dry I used painters tape and taped off even stripes wrapping around the sides of the board.
Then using the Martha Stewart roller brush again I used her metallic gold paint to paint the "untaped" stripes.   I ended up doing about three coats as the paint was a bit thin and I really wanted the gold stripes to stand out.  On my last coat I removed the tape and was very happy with my clean straight lines!

Next I wanted to add a bit of a floral embellishment design to it to add some femininity for Mother's Day.  I used one of the stencils I received and used the rose.  I used the Martha Stewart (MS) stencil tape too be sure it was firm and in place, the tape was great strong enough to keep the stencil down but didn't do any damage to the paint on the board, or previously painted roses.  I kept rotating the stencil once a rose was done and layered on top of one another for a more bunched effect.  After the third rose the inside of the rose stencil started to raise up a bit so I used a small spray of the MS spray adhesive to be sure the stencil laid flat for crisp lines.

The next step was creating the frame part.  I used a molding piece that was 1/2"x1/2" cube and measured out (inside measuring) 12" long and mitered at a 45 degree angle to form a square.  I painted them in a smokey grey color.  Then wanted to do a glaze/distressed effect on them so mixed together black paint + the MS black glitter paint and a glazing medium.  I painted it on all four pieces and then used the MS dragging brush and keeping at an even pressure dragged the brush along the wood to create a "streaking" effect.

Once they dried I centered and used finishing nails on each end to attach to the larger board and touched them up with a spot of black paint.  I love the effect the dragging brush created for a distressed look and the subtle glitter you can see.  I also sanded down the entire frame for a more rustic and distressed finishing too.


That's it! I attached two D-ring hangers on the back for easy hanging and inserted one of my favorite pictures from being a momma, just perfect for my mom to have up in her home. 


You can find Martha Stewart Craft supplies in your local craft store like Michael's, or order from Plaid online here.

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I wrote this post as part of a paid campaign with Plaid and Blueprint Social.  The opinions and designs in this post are my own.

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  1. LOVE IT!! Love the sunny stripes!
    What a lovely Mother's Day Present!!
    You are AMAZING! :)

  2. So Sweet! Beautiful idea! Thanks for sharing! ~Linda

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  4. Oh I love this! It's so pretty & the picture you used is adorable!

  5. Love this! The photo is super sweet too! ;)

  6. Might be a dumb question, but how did you attach the photo? Super cute!

  7. Turned out great! Love how a standard size picture makes a way bigger statement.

  8. It looks amazing, Pamela! I am such a sucker for stripes lately. I know your mom will love it!!

  9. Love that frame! I want one!

    -Erin Spain
    DIY On the Cheap

  10. Lovely! What a great gift this would make...if i could part with it!

  11. So pretty and modern! Love it! (and such a sweet pic of you & babes) :)

  12. Your sense of scale is wonderful. At first, I thought that this was a 12X12 frame- I love how everything is in proportion! ; )

  13. It's gorgeous! I didn't realize until this post just how big it was! What a wonderful gift!

  14. It looks amazing, Pamela! I love the metallics. You did a great job. :)

  15. Hi, I've been your reader, but never left you a comment before. I love this project, it seem simple but looks very lovely!

  16. SOOOOOOOO beautiful!! Wow, I really love it :) Great job!

  17. This is absolutely adorable! I found you via Etsy (as I was searching for "pallet art" inspiration) and I'm even more thrilled to have found your blog, too. Love the title. ;-) I'm now a subscriber and look forward to upcoming posts. Best!

  18. This is SO fun! I love the stripes, and the rose stencil is so cute! I had no idea is was so large from the original photo. I love the size!

  19. SO SO pretty Pamela! I love the color combo.

  20. This is so darling! I love it!!Thanks for sharing!

  21. Great gift idea, Pamela! I love the size of the backdrop - so much presence for your special photos!

    The stencilled roses look fantastic :)

  22. WOW!! You are so creative!!! love this idea :) ~Nancy~


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