Monday, April 16, 2012

The Nation’s Messiest Apartment

One of my biggest resolutions of 2012 was to organize.  I have done a handful of projects that have helped me be organized in certain areas like my Kitchen Pantry, Jackson’s play area and my trunk filing system.  Little by little I hope to have organization a way of our lives, rather than something I keep striving for.  I’m about to show you something that’s just plain … scary. 

I realized last weekend that my house looks like a tornado lives here….  Are you ready for a picture that will show you the PB&J household beyond the beautiful picture reveals and beauty snap shots? 

Here I am, revealing our home to you… in real life time


I wish I could say it was that messy because I was in the middle of working on a big project (which I was) but to be honest, every weekend I’m working on a big project.  So here we are. Our house is a mess.  And this is only one shot.  I could show you my two laundry baskets overflowing with laundry.  I could show you what’s beyond the island is the massacre of Jackson’s toys that are always scattered over our entire floor.  The landing of our stairs, which typically has 6 different piles of “stuff”. 

On a side note to help myself feel more okay, I will say the project I have done to be organized – those areas always look beautiful hehe

So what’s keeping me from being totally organized every where in our home?  Well a big one is $!  While I can be creative and come up with a variety of ways to be organized… a lot of the time it comes down to $ to buy the things you need to be organized.  Anyone else agree?
Does your home look like this too? Are you in a budget crisis that keeps you from staying sane and clean?  PERFECT! Smile

The wonderful people of are having another awesome giveaway and it’s to solve this exact problem.  They’re looking for the Nation’s messiest apartment!  It’s the perfect time to win up this awesome prize of $3,000 and do some SERIOUS spring cleaning if you think you have the messiest home!  Ohhhh I can imagine all the wonderful things I’d be able to do with that money to help clean up our home and stay organized.


Alright so how to enter – it’s simple.  Just run around your home real quick and snap some pictures of that mess you live in (now let’s clarify quickly that there is a difference between messy and dirty…let’s take pictures of the mess).  Then head to ForRent’s facebook page and under the giveaway tab submit your picture to be entered in the Nation’s messiest apartment search (you do have to “like” their page first… but let’s be honest you probably should have already, they’re pretty great). Oh and side note, you should follow them on Pinterest too… they have some hilarious pins, plus lots of home décor ideas. 
The nitty gritty details: Contest runs from April 2nd to April 23rd so you have about another week to enter!  Their panel of judges will choose 5 finalists from the submitted pictures.  Then they turn the voting to their Facebook friends.  The public will decide from the final 5 and the grand prize winner will receive $3,000 to help turn their house into a clean and organized home.  All 4 other runner ups will each win $500 too!  Winners will be announced April 30th. has paid me to review their contest and offer my opinion. I only recommend companies or services I believe my readers will enjoy.Let me know if you join, and I’ll keep an eye out for your picture and help spread the word out to vote on their Facebook page!



  1. HA! Looks like my house all. the. time! :)

  2. Whew!!! I thought only my house looks that messy! I need to get off the computer and go pick up!!! :)

  3. lol...your not alone! thanks for making me feel better ;-)

  4. Oh my.... which room would I choose...? Your mess makes me feel a bit better (especially the MS supplies strewn about!)

  5. too bad I live in a messy house, not a messy apartment! I could use the help. Laundry room, basement entrance, living room, is all piled up.

  6. My apartment used to look like that - as soon as I get a new one, I'm sure I can make it messy again! :D

  7. My house is bad. Seriously, bad. With 2 young boys and hardly anytime to pick up after them (and when I do, it's pointless cause they just mess it up again), we live in chaos!

    -Erin Spain

  8. What an AWESOME give-a-way!! I work at an Apartment Complex, (I should let some of my tenants know about this!!) What I tihnk is funny, is that I always 'assume' that super cutsy bloggy people have their homes in perfect order. I don't figure into the picture - life. Awesome to see a glimpse inside your place - and don't worry. It's still SUPER CUTE!!

  9. I see past your "mess" and just love your large artwork - the wooden background to those two picture frames? LOVE it! Which I know you handmade that too, no doubt! :)


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