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Design Star Recap and Big Blogger Blowout Giveaway Winner!

Who has had their DVR set to record this season of HGTV’s Design Star since last season? THIS GIRL! Anyone else?  I love this show.  I’m not big on reality shows, I know there must be something wrong with me. But this one – I love!  One of my favorite things about it too is being on Twitter and chatting amongst friends making critiques, jokes and bouncing off inspiration ideas off one another – join in next week with #designstar!

Ok so here’s my little rundown of Episode one of Design Star. 
Adorable cast:

They seem like a fun dynamic bunch, and I cannot wait until I’m emotionally invested in certain people.  In past seasons I’ve always felt like I become best friends with the cast members… like Emily and I, oh yah, we’re like “this” (she just doesn’t know it).  

Off the bat my favorite were:




None of the boys stood out to me as instant favorites, but I’m sure I’ll grow to love a few of them!

So first challenge was to design a particular room of the mansion they’re staying in.  Some had some larger challenges than others as far as space and purpose of the room.  For instant the great room – that was a MASSIVE room to fill, not only does that take epic design skills to utilize the space well and fill it well, but to bring a purpose to the room.  But those with bedrooms, they purpose is already there, and they’re more to typical scale size of normal rooms.  They didn’t have those other obstacles to overcome.

Onto the room designs:

Danielle and Luca did a wonderful job with the Great Room! The color scheme is RIGHT up my alley.  I love the neutrals and calm feeling of the room and I think will be a great “meeting” place for all the designers to relax and refresh their design palates after challenges. The molding was ingenious, it really brings your eye upward, and they brought the attention to the scale of the room rather then trying to hide it.  As the judges said, it may not have been the right molding but then again I’ve never used molding so I wouldn’t even know what kind would be the “right” kind.  I personally love the clean 90 degree angles used throughout the room, makes it feel balanced and cohesive. 
But, what stands out to me is the furniture layout.  It’s “TV” designed, not “real life” designed.  The chair placements and direction of conversations is too large scale.  It wouldn’t be practical to have people sit that far and stretch across an entire room to try and have normal conversations.  Creating two different spaces with the rugs would be “real life” ideal… but it looks pretty for TV as is.

Britany and Mike’s bedroom.  There’s not much I don’t love about this room! Britany’s feature wall of the lattice design – perfect!  It’s the right scale, I love the bright white contrast and the dimension it adds to the room. The entire color scheme is right up my alley too I love yellows, blue’s and whites.  Plus anyone that knows me knows I love my stripes and Ikat designs.  Plus that chair --- ohh that chair! The only thing not working for me are those beds, or the duvet covers.  I love the color and design, just something about the beds themselves… not loving. With a little more time I personally would have painted the built ins white with some time of contrasting fun color as the backdrops in the shelves. Also, another note on “TV set up” compared to real life… how about that ottoman just floating in the middle of the room?  A great TV space filler, but honestly any one in real life would have it closer to that chair.  But I was very happy to see that I love Britany’s design style as much as I instantly liked her!

Hilary and Rachel’s Den.  Another girl I instantly liked and was happy to find out I liked her design style too!  The judges were in love with her contrasting color choices of the black wall and stand out white moose head.  While I think they were great fun choices for this room… they were a bit safe (which is okay, it’s the first round!)  They also were IN LOVE with that table of hers.  It is an awesome table… but was kind of thinking anyone could do the same thing with an Ikea table, corbels, and paint.  But then again, maybe that’s what is great about Rachel --- she has beautiful design that’s attainable by you & I!
I love this space, the contrasting designs, the flow of the room, and that chandelier! All beautiful.

Bex and Kris were an interesting combination... I wasn't sure if Bex really has that random design style as she showed in this room (her random piece of art) because it was her style or she just wasn't comfortable trying to mesh with Kris.  There were not many things I liked about this room... my "pickiness" came out in this one and I set up higher standards for them because they're designers.  Had I seen this room done by any of my friends, I'd probably think it was awesome.. but from designers... I think it was a fail.  I like the layered window treatments but felt the curtains could have been laid out better.  The starlight bed just seemed too "kid" style for the hotel feel of the room.  Also, the judges his the nail on the head when they said that a room cannot be a stand out design by just filling it with random pieces of "art".  I was not a fan of Kris's pieces.  When he said his taped off table was "genius" .... I had to disagree.  Am I too harsh?

Miera and Jordan did a fairly well job on this room too.  But once again, I feel it fell just below "average" for a designers level of skill.  Had I done this room I'd be doing Happy Dances all over the place, but for designers... I feel they could have perfected a few more things.  Once again it's a color scheme I love, the blues, greys, yellows and wood accents are gorgeous together.  That white pin-tuck duvet cover?  Obviously I love... I have the same one!  And Miera's accent wall with the design is stand-out awesome... except I'm not sure where I stand with the hand painted look of the chevron lines.  When I was watching it, it was like nails on the chalkboard for me.  I am so particular for perfection on my own pieces, I would have t-squares, layers, frog tape,  the whole 9-yards out perfecting those chevron lines.  She... just winged it, and the judges loved that!  Perhaps I am too hard on myself and the hand painted aesthetic is more appreciated then I believe it to be?

Okay. Time for Yuki and Stanley's room.  My thoughts will be short because I feel like I'm getting on the negative train and that's no fun.  But honestly, these two were not my cup of tea.  I'm seriously hoping Stanley's design style is far different than what he displayed here, and it was Yuki's style that took over.  His sculpture was actually fairly unique and cool.  However, Yuki.... I don't know where to begin.  I guess I can appreciate her unique style and variety of colors? Maybe?  But the execution was far missed for me.  That collage, horrific.  Those colors, awful.  And yes, Yuki.. it was a Barney purple.

The winner! (of Episode 1... not my giveaway)
YAY! I love her style, she's a cutie plus she's from my hometown Minneapolis! Wahoo!

So that's my round up of Design Star Episode 1.... what were your thoughts about the episode? Who are your favorites? Were you sad to see Yuki go?

Enough rambling, the real reason you're here is to see the giveaway winner of the Big Blogger Blowout isn't it?
The lucky winner is:
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Congratulations Laurie I'll be sending an email your way!
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  1. I loved the talent HGTV brought in this year. It really was a great group of designers and it made me excited for the next episode. The table Rachael did was super cute but a copy cat. I see that table on Haute Look often. But she for sure has talent! Loved Britney's lattice wall and the color, such a great visual in the room. The right person got kicked off, that room was a hot mess.

  2. So I had to check your blog out to verify it is true!! Pinch me! Pinch me! I can't believe I won!!! I had "I never-win-anything-poopy-attitude-syndrome" until today!! Thanks again for throwing yourself a party with such fabulous prizes. :)


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