Monday, May 7, 2012

Making photo albums–who does that anymore? My Memories Review

Digital cameras are a blessing…and a curse.  Easy to keep with you for all those “right” moments– a total blessing.  Large capacity memory cards – a total blessing.  Ability to take 20 pictures within seconds – a total blessing.  Always having your camera with you – a curse. Large capacity memory cards – a curse. Ability to take 20 pictures within seconds – a curse.
Do you see where I’m going with this? 

I LOVE having thousands and thousands of pictures of Jackson…. but I also HATE having to sift through thousands and thousands of pictures of Jackson.  I mean… how many pictures do I need of him within a few seconds of each other while he’s sitting watching TV? Or coloring in a book? Or splashing in puddles (okay, can never have too many of those).   Here’s a small snapshot of one billionth of the pictures I have of Jackson…


Just a folder titled “2 years old”…. and yes, that’s almost 40 pictures of him just sitting in a tub. But when we have our cameras with us all the time, and we can take hundreds of pictures in a short amount of time, it’s easy to have those special pictures get lost amongst all the hundreds of other pictures you’ve taken too.

I RARELY develop pictures. It’s bad.  I love that for my childhood our parents had to develop pictures in order to see them because I have “the right amount” of pictures of me growing up.  I can honestly say, Jackson’s pictures of him growing up are just a big mess of digital images in a couple of folders on my desktop.  I keep thinking to myself that I REALLY need to go through and pick out those special moment pictures and they deserve their own folder.  They actually deserve to be developed.  I’ve done it once.  After his first year I created a “yearbook” of my favorite pictures from his birth to his one year old birthday.  But he’s three and a half, and I haven’t done it since. 

That is until a company called My Memories contacted me asking me if I’d like to try out their product, “My Memory Suite”.  A program that creates a scrapbook out of your digital pictures.  You mean exactly what I have been telling myself to do for months and months? I hesitated for a second… it kind of sounded tricky to learn. I mean I’m not good at scrapbook in real life, I’m not sure I’d understand how to do it on the computer…. But I gave it a go. AND I’M SO HAPPY I DID!

Okay enough of my rambling --- so as I said, My Memories Suite is a software you download to your computer to create photo albums.  Once I downloaded I immediately saw the possibilities were endless, seriously. It’s not just limited to photo albums you could also make cards, calendars, gifts, even one page flyers like birth, engagement or graduation announcements!


They have all these pre-set layout designs that come with your original purchase that all have decorated themes.  Or you can design your own template from scratch you know, if you’re that creative type of person.  Once you pick an album theme it brings up each page on a scroll bar at the bottom of your screen. 

On the left hand side is a menu that organizes all your computer’s picture files so you have instant access to to them from your computer. And when you know which picture you want to use for a page, you just drag it over. That was a BIG bonus for me, I have played around in the past with online programs that you have to sit and upload each.individual.picture (snooze fest) but because this program is downloaded to your own computer, all your images are right there ready to be used.


On the right hand side is a large drop down style menu of all the abilities for each page.  You can add your own background if you don’t like that specific pages design, you can add text, designer text, embellishments (like nail heads to make it look like you used nail heads to attach your picture to the page! so cute), and you can even add sound effects, a soundtrack, videos, even URL’s!  You can create these hot spots that if you publish your album for interactive online play, people will be able to hear the sounds you add to each page, or directly be linked to a website from that page. I personally love that feature since I do posts on my blog about {Jackson’s Corner} that are all about him, I think it’d be really great to incorporate those into an online album to always have too!


Then once you’ve completed your album there’s SO many options for deciding how to publish it.  You can print it yourself, have it printed professionally, made into an online interactive album, or even publish as a DVD. Pretty slick! 


I’m actually having a blast going back through Jackson’s pictures and I can’t wait to finally make his 2 year old yearbook and then start organizing so I’ll be able to make a 3 year old one too!

Does this sound like something you need? Be honest…. it does! Smile
Well then I have a treat for you! If you go to and buy the software use the PB&Jstories discount code STMMMS61731” for $10 off! That brings it down to under $30!  I’m pretty sure that’s the cost of just buying an empty photo album these days.

Also come back tomorrow I may or may not (I do) have a chance for you to win your own FREE copy of a My Memories Suite too! Update: 05/14 the giveaway has closed and winner has been notified.

All words and opinions in this post are my own.  I was given a complimentary copy of the My Memories Suite software to review the product, but I only share and recommend products I would use myself.


  1. That's pretty cool! I have to say though...I still prefer handmade albums... But please keep in mind I still like shooting photography with film!


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