Sunday, May 20, 2012

Road Trip to Luckett’s Spring Market 2012!

lucketts fair 27
Bucket List Item # 41: Go to Luckett’s Spring Market
I was so excited to be able to go up to Luckett’s this year!  I’ve been counting down the days since a year ago when I first heard about it when I got into blogging. 
I drove up from Virginia Beach and drove the 3 & half hour drive up to Angie’s house where I stayed Friday night.  It was the first time we’ve met, it was the first time I’ve met a “blogger” I’ve become friends with in real life, it was the first time I’ve demolition a shower (what? Yah – that happened!)
Side note for Angie’s Family: They’re big, and wonderful, and full of energy.  I loved meeting them with my whole heart and grateful for their hospitality.  However, if you ever journey to their home, be ready to be put to work.  Let’s just say that we ended up at Lowe’s that night, and demolitioned a shower that her hubs originally started THREE YEARS AGO.  Apparently I just give off DIY energy and make things happen!)

Alright back to Luckett’s, so here I am all packed up and ready for my drive! ROAD TRIP!

PBJ portrait

Angie and I headed up to Luckett’s Saturday morning and it was beautiful out! 
lucketts fair 9
Let’s get our shopping on!

Okay enough rambling here’s a full line of pictures from our day!
lucketts fair 2
lucketts fair 3
lucketts fair 4lucketts fair 5lucketts fair 6
lucketts fair 15

How cute would this be in a kids room!!?
lucketts fair 24
In LOVE with these mirrors and lights:
lucketts fair 23
Card catalogs make me swwwwwwwwooooooooooon:
lucketts fair 19

And finally we stumble upon Miss Mustard Seed’s booth! YAY!
lucketts fair 11

lucketts fair 12
{She’s in disbelief} AND probably going to shoot me for posting this hahahaha.

lucketts fair 8
Gorgeous signs, gorgeous furniture, gorgeous products! She’s one talented lady!

lucketts fair 10
Me, Marian & Angie

lucketts fair 13
Her adorable Tshirts!

And some snap shots of the scenery and set ups:
lucketts fair 14
lucketts fair 29

I was LOVING these frames:
lucketts fair 20

And these signs:
lucketts fair 21lucketts fair 22

I someday will have an entryway that can handle the size of that orb as a pendant light:
lucketts fair 28

And I will have a room filled with industrial letters:
lucketts fair 26

One of my favorite purchases, a MASSIVE frame:
lucketts fair 17

And a cute smaller one:
lucketts fair 18

Here’s some of the other goodies I got too!

lucketts fair goodies

Stay tuned for posts with those items because they’ll be put to GOOD use in my home!

If you went to Luckett’s and wrote about your awesome time & shared your loot be sure to share with me in the comments!



  1. We went there today...and I posted pictures of some of the same items on our blog. :) I loved those oversize dominos! I adored that giant card catalog too! There were so many treasures there. Megan

  2. Looks awesome! Love the mirrors and the old postal scales.

  3. I just finished up my post ;) Looks like you girls had a fabulous day. Too bad we didn't get a chance to meet up!! Next time :)

  4. Pam! (Can I call you Pam?) It's so great to put a face to a name! FYI, I'm really almost done with my little table... I hit a few hiccups along the way, but if you will still feature me on your blog, I would be SO excited! It's too bad we don't live closer- I would love to be real life friends and hang out! Sounds like Lucketts is amazing! I would love to go there!

  5. HOW COOL!! Sounds like you had tons of fun! I live about 5 hours away and i seriously thought about driving up there! Maybe next year!!

  6. that picture of me... wow! My post about our adventure: Thanks for the great weekend!!!!!

  7. I was DROOLING over every picture! You are a LUCKY gal, my dear - so jealous. I am absolutely going next year. I love the letters the best because I've been on the hunt for one. I wish I had told you so you could have picked it up and sent it to me, lol. Did you find things to be very affordable or costly? I saw what you bought, but was there anything else? Glad you had a great weekend! xo Jenna

  8. What fun! I love letters. Love them. Everything looks so awesome and you got to meet Miss Mustard Seed!! Very cool.

  9. Loved living vicariously through you and Angie when reading your posts! I'm definitely going to have to make the trip sometime. Sounds like it was so much fun!

    -Erin @ DIY On the Cheap

  10. it's amazing to me that Luckett's is such a destination! I grew up near there and it was just a little town on the way to somewhere else. I'm going home this weekend so couldn't go to the market, I hope to next year!

  11. Every time Miss Mustard Seed posts a blog about Lucketts I get to relive my day. My daughter and I went both days! I drove from Central PA and lucky for me my daughter lives within a half hour. The second day we took her husband with a pocket full of money! So she got to purchase some of the furniture that we saw on Saturday! Had a great time!


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