Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Behind the Scenes at the PB&J household

Ever wonder what it is I’m doing behind the scenes here at the PB&J household?  Well if you follow via Facebook or Twitter you’ll often see snap shots here and there.

But let’s pull down those curtains, let down our hair and see how it REALLY look here at a la casa PB&J!


It’s a mess. It’s a toy tornado, shoes on the couch, every cabinet open and furniture being painted in the middle of the living room kinda lifestyle. But it’s our lifestyle. Well… mine.. my poor hubs just gets dragged through the mess.

It’s non stop trips to Lowe’s, I can never seem to get all that I need in one trip.  I’m often there 4, to 500 times, every weekend.  How they don’t know me by name yet, I’m not sure. {Hey Lowe’s… let’s get that fixed, it’s about time we’re on a first name basis}



Every once in a while though… we get to squeeze in some play time.


Mr. Lil stud learning how to ride his bike….
I think he may be the only 3 year old on the planet I actually had to BRIBE to ride his bike… I’m serious, the words, “Jackson just peddle to the end of the line and you’ll get a SURPRISE! NOW GO! DO IT!” came out of my mouth as convincing words.

How about what else I stay busy with? Of course my PB&Jcreations Etsy Shop
signs… and I’ve been doing ton of custom orders lately.  LOVE THEM.

Do you remember my Mother’s Day Frame? I am LOVING this one I made for a good friend with these beautiful colors! Orange and Teal are typically outside my comfort zone.. but I’m glad I ventured there because I la-la-love this!
PBJcreationsOrange FramePBJcreationscloseup

She didn’t realize how big this piece was until I handed it to her… apparently two feet by two feet didn’t resonate with her initially because she was super shocked by it’s epic size!

Next in the Custom Sign line up are these fantastic signs! Did you ever make word collages of all your besties and your inside jokes, nicknames and memories?  These group of besties graduating high school will each be receiving one of these signs given to them by one of their own best friends.  I had so much fun making each unique subway art design.

And one of my all time FAVORITE custom pieces!  This is my Love pallet sign (same size 30”x40”) but had a custom request to do the quote, “This is my Happily Ever After” instead of the “love”.  I am crazy about it!!! I’ll be adding this design to my shop too I believe.  Too cute not too right???!!!

I have an insane busy schedule coming up over the next couple weeks but I also have a very exciting big project that’s being wrapped up that I can’t wait to show everyone!


  1. Wow your living room is HUGE! Lucky girl! All the new signs look awesome too! Love the orange & teal frame!

  2. those frames are AWESOME!!!!! WOW! i just love your stuff!
    by the way, i am going to open up 4-6 new sponsor spots and before i post it publicly tomorrow figured i would ask you. it's $5/month, month to month. i do it to just pay all my blog fees, and also to help out etsy shops with a cheap place to advertise. if not no worries, but i figured i would let you know before i open it up.

  3. I love seeing behind the scenes like this. I think I should do something, although it may scare people because your living room is CLEAN compared to mine! Love your new signs. you are incredibly talented my friend!!

  4. Thanks for the behind the scenes. Good to know that it is not just my house where all the cabinets are open and toys strewn about. I love the new "happily ever after" sign! So awesome. xoxo

  5. Love the signs for the girlfriends! So precious

  6. Yep- that toy tornado looks familiar! :) Love all your signs- you have been BUSY girl!!!

  7. I think that might be a pic of my house on any random day. Haha!
    WOW - you have been a busy girl! LOVE all the signs :)

  8. Awww...i love your lil' guy is riding his bike now, how exciting and your signs look great! It's funny you mention they may know you by name at Lowe's! When we were doing our house remodel they did know us by name. I'm pretty sure they were saying, "oh, no, here they come again, hide!" LOL

  9. That is totally my house! Toys everywhere, craft projects laying around - crazy, huh? Love your honesty! Found you through One Artsy Mama and I must say I adore your blog! Following along via GFC.

    Jill @ Create.Craft.Love.

  10. You do great work! LOVE the "this is my happily..." sign!


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