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Increase your blog traffic, make a little money, and a nice layout -- nRelate's lowdown

Do you ever land on a blog looking to read a particular post but then love what you're reading so much you find yourself still searching the pages of the blog half hour later!? Happens to me ALL THE TIME.

There's a handful of accessible tools/layouts that allow for easy flowing from blog post to blog post but I had never really used any before beyond the basic Tutorial page and Archive widget.
Another one I use is the "most popular posts" page that's on my sidebar that will highlight the most popular posts.
But what about all those OTHER posts? The ones beyond my big DIY tutorials, and 5 most popular posts?

Well I finally had the motivation to install a plugin that allowed this, and I am so glad I finally did it!

We service everyone from casual bloggers up to large media organizations. We make sure that your articles are never lost in the archives, so that your readers can easily enjoy more of your content than ever before. We will circulate those older posts by linking to them from your new articles keeping your readers engaged with the full body of your content. Engaged readers click more, spend more time on your site, and will come back more often.

Have you noticed it on my blog yet? I've had it installed about a month ago and have only seen positive results from using it. As of right now the Related Content Plugin is available for Blogger, (what I'm on), Wordpress and Tumblr.  You can read more about it on their website here but continue reading to get my own person review of using it. 

Here's my thoughts on it:
It was incredibly easy to install.  While I can wrap my head around some html and web design work, I prefer when it's super easy to follow, which the instructions for NRelate really were.
I always check the related posts it suggests on the current post, and it seems to provide relevant posts which is great. 
Great easy instructions:

I was really impressed that you were able to personalize the appearance of the thumbnails.  You can select from text or image and text, the size of the thumbnails, the font style, where the post titles will sit, etc.
I was actually really excited that I was able to customize the thumbnails to have a similar appearance to how I do my project "reveal" picture.  I typically will have a dimmed opacity bar with the project title scripted over that, and that's exactly how I was able to set up my thumbnails!
YAY!  My biggest reason for liking it, is it makes the widget look more personal to my blog, rather than just an eye sore plug in (big bonus)

Monetizing/Ad Network:
Another bonus is the ability to monetize.  This option isn't a make it or break it for me, but the ability to monetize in a reader friendly way is always nice for the blog author, and the readers.  You have the option to select the number of posts it'll suggest, plus one (or more) ad spots that will appear similar to your suggested posts.  In the image above that I snapshot from my blog, you'll see the last suggested post is the ad spot.  It doesn't stick out as an annoying ad, but blends in real nice.  The reason why I decided to try this feature was because the links for these ad spots aren't redirected through nRelate's own site which a lot of similar plugins do.  This helps with your own blogs SEO traffic.

Customer Service:
That's right, this isn't just a plugin that has a hidden company behind it.  You can actually reach people  from the company and they are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. 
They have a great Support forum which is awesome to help any questions you may have and when searching for those answers, you can come across so many tips and ideas you may not have originally thought of. 
They also have a blog full of information, tips and tricks for the plugin plus their main support page to always be in touch with and assist with answers. 
Accessible help is a must for bloggers.  We work at all ours hours and not only is having a place to answer questions when we're working at the wee hours like 1am wonderful, but knowing you have somewhere to go for answers is a must.

Want nRelate for your own blog?
Here are some links for you to learn more about nRelate:

nRelate website
nRelate on Facebook
nRelate on Twitter
Blogger Installation
WordPress Installation

Disclosure:  I wrote this post as part of a paid campaign with nRelate and Blueprint Social. The opinions in this post are 100% my own and you better believe I'll be keeping this plugin for my own blog!


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  1. A very informative piece. I've been in and out of the blogosphere for the last year or so but am an avid blog reader daily (including yours)! Unfortunately, I live in a state where monetizing isn't possible due to the state tax laws. Hopefully, once I move out of this state I can monetize my blogs. I will most certainly keep you in mind and have "liked" you for rememberance! Thanks for your 100%!


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