Thursday, June 7, 2012

Kitchen Organizing–One cupboard at a time

Sometimes it's the small things in life that can put you at ease.  Like organizing one cupboard at a time in your kitchen!  The other weekend I decided it was time to jump start my project: organization 2012 again.

In our kitchen we have a LOT of cabinet space due to a lot of cabinets, but also the extremely tall length of them.  However, I really don't put them to good use.  We don't use the top shelf in most of the cabinets (due to my hubs being a tad shorter than me and can't reaching them hehehehe)

But after we purchased new oven wear they were too big for our cabinets below the counter so was time to do some organizing.

Heres's one of our cabinets before:
messy cupboards, unorganized kitchen
We were blessed to receive a lot of fancy shmancy glassware from our wedding for a complete barset... but 5 whole sets of glassware takes up a lot of space.  And those wine glasses are MASSIVE.  So before, I put the glasses in to fit the cabinet.. and used some of the space for my ever expanding vase collection.  Then the top shelf was just random crap-ola.

The  organized revamp:

The Goal: Maximize Space
How to organize cupboards for maximize space, cabinets, kitchen

I knew I had to reorganize things enough to add the new bake ware so I moved all the glassware to one side of the cabinet.  I lowered one of the shelves to fit the shorter glasses better and make more room for shelf of tall glasses.

This is only one cupboard of 8 (including lower cabinets) that need this type of organization.  But tackling it little by little will help me get through this project easier!

It's amazing how simple and easy this kind of project is, but how happy it makes me when I open the doors.  Ahhh organization.

What do you think?  Is this something you're needing to do in your kitchen? Then get to it!!
I also wrote this post on a bit ago about making a room more organized and included a few other tips for turning your kitchen into a smooth running operation by organization.  (Contest mentioned in article is closed).



  1. if you ever come over, please do not open my cabinets. the end.

  2. I do this kind of thing and then months later it is back to messy. Repeat cycle.

  3. Organizing is on my summer to-do list. I don't know how I let my drawers and cabinets get so cluttered! Your cabinets look great:)

  4. Wow, you inspire me! And here I was thinking I needed to remodel the kitchen for more space. Maybe if I just take a pic and notice all the clutter (with helpful arrows! ;), it will give me all the room I need! Thanks! Also, your kitchen looks great!

  5. Looks wonderful! I really need to organize my kitchen too. I have an abundance of drawers in my kitchen, which I love for the fact you can see most items readily. However organizing some things like pots, pans, and platters (oh my! :) has been a challenge.
    I should take your approach and tackle it one drawer at a time.


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