Friday, June 22, 2012

Lace Insert Shirt Makeover - Abbie from Lovin' Our Chaos

Hello everyone! I am Abbie from Lovin' Our Chaos, my little blog about life, love and all things craft-worthy. I am also known as mom to my three kids and girlfriend to my darling husband. I am a lover of God, life, big bows, feathers and all things sparkly. I'm a little compulsive, a lotta crafty and always busy! A HUGE thank you to Pamela for allowing me to guest post here at PBJstories! I have been looking forward to it all week and am so glad that I can share a little of my creativity here today!   Now that I have made your acquaintance, I would like to share a couple of my flaws...I am impatient, sometimes impulsive, and certainly not an expert seamstress. But quite honestly, this isn't always a bad thing.

Take for instance today's guest tutorial. I had bought a few inexpensive t-shirts from Wal-Mart and knew I wanted to make them over, but wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to do. While running errands a few days later, I saw a few different shirts in various clothing stores that had lace inserts. Perfect. A lace insert shirt makeover.  

1. First, my supplies needed. Knit Shirt (so it won't fray) Lace in desired color (I bought 1/4 yard) Embellishments

2. Then, I folded my lace in half and created another fold, so I could cut a long strip from it.

3. I then cut out a 3" vertical strip from my t-shirt, starting from the bottom and stopping right below the shoulder seam.

4. I placed my lace inside to see how it looked and then turned it inside out.

5. Now the shirt is inside out and I pin the lace onto the fabric.

6. After the pinning, I started to sew the lace on. (I chose to use a contrasting black thread and zig zag stitch, just to be a little funky)

7. Voila! Lace insert is in.

8. This is the part where I decided to do something a little impulsive. Instead of using the buttons that were in the supplies picture, I had the great idea to use the piece of leftover t-shirt (from when I cut the strip out) and make a fabulous rosette pin! Some of the supplies I used were: felt (for the backing), leftover lace (for the rosettes), ribbon, and a metal pin backing.

9. Here is the completed pin. 10. Here is what the back of the pin looks like.

11. And finally in a short 1.5 hours...a lace insert shirt with funky detachable pin.

12. And I have to add that I wore this out (with a t-shirt underneath, you sillies!) and received several adoring compliments.  

Thanks again PBJstories for allowing me to guest today and don't forget to come and visit me over at Lovin' Our Chaos. You can also find me on Pinterest and Twitter as well! See you next time and I would love if you shared your t-shirt makeover with me, just email me at Abigail from Lovin' Our Chaos

Thank you so much Abigail!!! That shirt is ADORABLE!  I love that the insert is in the front and not down the sides or on the back like typical. Too cute, and again thank you Abigail for sharing with the PB&J readers!



  1. Absolutely adorable! Abigail is so inspiring and I love to see all that she does!

  2. This is too funny, I have that shirt! I was just at a playdate and 2 other moms had it on and we laughed about it but I mentally vowed to "update" it somehow.

    This came just in time! I'm off to the fabric store for my lace - great post Abby!

  3. Very fun! I've always been intimidated by clothing makeovers, but you made it look really easy. I love the little rosette pin especially.

  4. This is really cute and I love your clear instructions! Thanks.


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