Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ready for Summer: Hula Hoop Sprinkler

I'm so excited to be a part of the Ready 4 Summer celebration with Simply Klassic Home and Midwestern Girl DIY! 

I was asked to make a super fun kids activity for the summer and I decided to try something new.  I wanted to make Jackson, my 3 year old, his one of a kind sprinkler! 

DIY Hula Hoop Sprinkler

That's where the idea of my Hula Hook Sprinkler began!

Materials Needed:

(Since this isn't a standard easy to do project, the materials used are pretty a-typical)
Clear Silicone that's waterproof
Clear tubing
Swivel Hose Barb Adapter 3/8th" Barl
Nylon Hose Barb - T Connector that's 3/8th" diameter
Hula Hoop
Garden Hose
Also used a 1/8th drill bit and electric drill and a handsaw, and electrical tape


First I cut the hula hoop to create an opening with a handsaw, and then every few inches around I used a 1/8th drill bit and made holes through the top layer of the hula hoop. 


Then I inserted the T-piece and used the clear silicone around the edges to adhere the t-piece inside the hula hoop and to create close between the pieces (you don't want any water escaping so be liberal).


After applying the silicone we used electrical tape to hold the piece together while it tried (about two hours).  We applied the silicone to the top piece too and attached the clear tubing to that piece, and again held it in place with electrical tape.


We ended up going back and also using silicone between the second end of the tubing and the garden hose adapter to make it all one united piece.  (The water pressure was too strong and the tubing came off the garden hose adapter without the silicone). We let the whole piece dry overnight to be sure the silicone completely dried, but the directions state it should be okay in about two hours.


Then we just let-er-rip with the water and VOILA! A hula hoop sprinkler!!!


J was really hesitant at first, but after a while he loved standing in the middle of it and having the water go up all around him.  The smaller drill bit you use, and the less frequent holes, the higher the water will shoot up.  Ours reached about to the top of the trees!


Official Judge ruling: TWO THUMBS UP!

We even took if for a test run at the bottom of the slide which was a blast too!



  1. Soooo cool, Pamela! My kids would love this...especially since the store-bought sprinklers never seem to be powerful enough...
    I think this weekend I'll try to enlist my hubby's help to create a new sprinkler! Thanks so much for sharing this at our Summer Blog Party!!!

  2. Wow! That is the coolest sprinkler I have ever seen! My little girl will love making one...thanks for sharing!


  3. Love having it placed at the bottom of the slide - how fun!!!

  4. What a fun idea ... I would never think to make a sprinkler from a hula hoop! I love that it's so convenient to store too!

  5. This is a fabulous idea, Pam! Looks like Jackson had a blast with it! I wish I was as handy as you are!!

  6. My gal would love this too! What a great idea :)
    Congrats on placing in the One Artsy Mama Contest

  7. Wow it's such a great idea! I will try it at home too this summer :D!

  8. How fun! My boys would go crazy over this.

    -Erin @ DIY On the Cheap


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