Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Who could use $500?! Another fun Pinterest contest!

Who wants another chance to win $500!?  It’s another super fun Pinterest contest but with a new twist on it. Do you remember me sharing about Homes.com’s Pinterest Spring in to the Dream contest?  Well, now ForRent.com is doing their own contest called ForRent.com Hearts Pinteresting Renters

Here’s the twist – this time I don’t need to win, in order for YOU to win!  That’s right.  We’re all in this together, and it’s a free for all.  You can create your own board and submit it and one lucky winner will be chosen amongst all the contestants.  You also don’t technically need to rent your home either… ForRent.com loves everyone and proud to include everyone.

FRC Pinterest Contest Graphic_375e

The details are pretty simple which is awesome because the easier it is to understand how to win money, the easier it is to do it! Smile  You’ll be making a Pinterest board dedicated to this contest and fill it with what makes your style unique.  Add images and ideas that truly captivate your style that you use in your home, or you wish you could use in your home (maybe if you win the $500 you can!)

The How To
1.  Make a Pinterest board titled, “ForRent.com Hearts Pinteresting Renters” and you can see mine here.
2.  To get you started you can pin 5 images from ForRent.com’s blog or their main website.  In fact that’s actually something you need to do too but totally helped get the ball rolling for me.
3.  Your board needs to have at least 10 images total before you can submit it for review to win.
4.  Tag all your pins with #pinterestingrenter and #forrent.com
5.  Once your board is complete and you’re truly extra proud and think it’ll be the winning one, you’ll want to submit it to the link up party hosted on ForRent.com’s blog here.

The contest runs from Monday, June 18th to Monday July 2nd 2012.  Their panel of judges will select one lucky winner for a $500 gift card based on creativity, positive representation of our brand message, composition and style of board.
See their official rules and main website here for further information too!

Here's a little sneak peek of my board:
Combining my ideals of socializing, comfort, rustic appeal, and entertaining.
Don't forget after you create your board to submit it to their link up party to be entered, and I'd love it if you left your board link in the comments here too! I want to search all your amazing ideas!

Best of luck! (But not too much I mean I could use the $500 myself too hehe)

ForRent.com has paid me to review their contest and offer my opinion.  I heart this company and their outreach to fellow bloggers and readers. I'm excited about this contest, and had to share it with all my readers!


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  1. Here is the link to my Pinterest board for the contest. Good luck to you too!! http://pinterest.com/max407factor/forrent-com-hearts-pinteresting-renters/


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