Monday, July 16, 2012

A daunting task–Cleaning every window in the house made easy thanks to Fish Window Cleaning!

It’s morning and usually I’m rushing to get everything put together and ready for the day of work and school.  This morning I was able to sit back and relax a little before rushing off to another day of work.

I was greeted bright and early by Josh of Fish Window Cleaning who was here to clean our windows!!  One of the biggest pluses of our beautiful home is our big and plentiful amount of windows.  They’re MASSIVE.  They aren’t be any means standard size, and almost reach from ceiling to floor on the first level.  Our open floor plan from our kitchen, to dining area, to living space is one big room with a total of 6 windows just in that area.  Not to mention the entryway, stairwell, front bathroom and our entire upstairs. 
Needless to say, the big beautiful windows have been neglected by dear ol’ me since we moved in.  I RARELY get to cleaning them, and if I do, it’s only the inside. 

Inside House View 2Inside House View
Do you see all those windows!? And do you see how BIG they are! They’re MASSIVE!
Do you see that cute little guy sitting on the couch enjoying cartoons? He's ADORABLE! ;)

That’s why when I had the opportunity to have Fish Window Cleaning come out for a visit I was thrilled!  I’ve actually used their at-home window cleaning products for almost a year.  It’s different than your “typical” window cleaner … that’s why these guys stand out in their field.  They’ve developed their own exclusive product that is a foam based window cleaner and alcohol based. What’s that mean?


Well the foam -
It’s easy to spray, doesn’t drip, and don’t have to deal with overspray.  Also this is my little weird favorite part of it, it’s an aerosol can so you just spray the nozzle button down once to apply it to the window.  Seriously, when I use traditional window cleaners that are the pump spray nozzle, my hand literally gets exhausted having to continuously pump it to cover the window.  Like I said I have a LOT of windows so yes, it’s an issue. Fish Foam – saving hands one cramp at a time. (New Motto?)
Alcohol based -
The next big difference between Fish Foam and its competitors is the fact it’s alcohol based.  Other cleaners are waxed based leaving that streaky appearance you’re sometimes left with on your windows and mirrors.

Now to the goodness – they don’t just have an at-home cleaner for you to use, but they provide a full service window cleaning team that will come to your home and clean your entire homes worth of windows! 

Fish Foam Window Cleaning 2Fish Foam Window Cleaning 3

Fish Foam Window Cleaning
They came out for an initial estimate which I actually wasn’t even home for, which is nice because the less time I have to take off from work from appointments, the better.  Then they called back to schedule the cleaning appointment.  They were not only on time, he was early which is GREAT because they knew I had to get back to work so I appreciated their efforts for accommodating!

I had a moment where I was mortified when I realized that not only would they be cleaning outside the house, but they’d be cleaning the inside of the windows.  WAIT – that means he has to come into this disaster of a messy home, including MY BEDROOM AND BATHROOM. Oh Lord.
Dear Josh of Fish Foam – I apologize for the ungodly mess that is my room, and bathroom. Please don’t take pictures and use as black mail against me. Yours Truly, Pamela.
When you were growing up did your mom ever have you clean the house before the maids came and you just looked at her like she’s crazy? I now realize why she does that.

I’m writing this as Josh is cleaning the windows in our living room and my eyes just bulged out of my head how DIRTY the screen was that he just pulled out.  And now I’m hiding under a pillow from embarrassment. I swear I clean. Just not AS thorough as Fish Window Cleaning does I guess.

Fish Foam Window Cleaning Inside

He was truly courteous and respectful of our homes pieces that he had to move around to get to the windows.  Upstairs he had a lot to move and deal with in our bedroom, and downstairs too.  Poor guy had a lot of hurdles to battle, as you can see squeezing in between Jackson’s toys and all our things.
Window Close Up Before Fish Foam Details
Window Close up After Fish Foam Details
I tried so many times to really get pictures of how dirty my windows are… it’s tricky to take pictures of windows haha!

I’m kind of addicted now… I don’t know if I would have ever jumped on the bandwagon of professional window cleaning without this opportunity.  But I am so glad I did and I may be making it a regular scheduling now!

Be sure to check out Fish Window Cleaning and see if they’re available in your area!
Also you can order some of your own Fish Foam for your own easy window and mirror cleaning.

I was not paid for the review of Fish Window Cleaning, however the service was provided complimentary  Like always, I would never suggest or give a raving review to any product I would not use on my own good faith.


  1. I would love to get my window's cleaned... one of my least favorite things to do!

    Looks great!

  2. :) great post! I actually don't mind cleaning windows...but only when it's cool outside.
    In this heat we're having, I could care less if they are ever cleaned again.
    I have used Fish Foam, and I like it a LOT. It's good stuff!

  3. It almost sounds fun! I like the idea of foam, because sprays drip to the bottom faster than you can get to it, and I hate when it gets down into the trim like that. Looks like it does an amazing job too > I love that after window reflection shot!

  4. Wow they did a great job! We really need to clean the outsides. Will check if they're in our area!

  5. That's awesome! We have a ton of windows too and I really need to do a better job on the outside! Looks great!

  6. I hate cleaning windows... or I guess I should say my hubs hates cleaning windows! Sounds like a great service to try!

  7. Send them to my house! My windows are totally gross. Sounds like I should call them!

    -Erin @ DIY On the Cheap

  8. I have seen so many recommendations for Fish Foam that I had to try it myself. EVERYTHING I ever use leaves streaks so I was really excited to try this. My opinion? FAIL! On windows, mirrors, and my glass table tops all I get are streaks!
    :( Don't know why it doesn't work for me. Like many things, it seems fine, then you see it in a different light and not so good.........

    1. Hi Mary,

      Sometimes this can happen if the towel or rag you are using becomes over-wet. There are two main steps to improve your results:

      1.) Let the foam sit for 10-30 seconds before wiping.
      2.) Use one "wet" rag for the first pass and a second "dry" rag to finish.

      You should get much better results. These little things can make a big difference.

      You don't actually wet the first rag, just use it on the first pass to get the majority of the foam off. The second dry rag will make sure the glass will be streak free when finished.

      -Mark from the Cincinnati, OH Fish Window Cleaning

  9. The only way I clean my windows, is. I get a bucket of warm water, a bit of dawn dishwashing liquid, and a splash of white vinegar. Than I use a rag, wash the window and get it all off with a squeege. Keep a towel with you, to wipe off the squeege as you go. Works awesome. My windows sparkle. Its a little messy, but you can use the same method inside too.

  10. lucky gal... although Mr. Woodsy probably cleans our windows quarterly, but still I'd like to give him a break every now and then!

  11. Oh I need to clean mine, they are terrible! Yours look great!!

  12. I love Fish Foam! Layla and I use it all the time! :)



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