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A Modern Bathroom Makeover for Kids

Modern Bathroom Makeover for Kids on PBJstories.com

I’m so excited to finally be revealing one of the latest room makeovers I did in my house!

PBJstories.com Bathroom Reveal (2)

Upstairs we have our second full bathroom that Jackson uses as his own, and it's one of the last rooms in our home that was "untouched" as far as being redone.  It still had the contractors paint color on the wall, and everything left as is. 

I initially had the idea for white on white in this bathroom, with fun splashes of color with accessories.  A couple months ago I began the project and did the base color of the walls in a flat white.  I let it sit like that for about a month because I was so unhappy with how the white looked.  It felt cold and had a blue tint from it (actually was the reflection of our neighbors house coming in through the window).  But I felt stuck and didn't know how to move forward with the bathroom.  That was until I decided to use a soft greyish taupe color for the stripes instead of the high gloss white. I'm SO happy I made the switch. I instantly HEARTED the stripes.  Like I would just go sit in the bathroom and smile. 

PBJstories.com Kids Bathroom Reveal

PBJstories.com Bathroom Design for Kids

PBJstories.com Bathroom Reveal Framed Mirror

By keeping the walls the neutral taupe & white stripes, and just adding in color with accessories, this room can be easily transformed from a kid's bathroom to a guest/formal bathroom.

PBJStories.com Bathroom Reveal Kids Towels

My son loves his hooded-animal towels, and wanted them to be easy access for him to reach so I used Command Water Resistant Bathroom Hooks
in Silver for a polished finish look for towel hooks, but without a permanent hole in our walls or door.

PBJstories.com Bathroom Reveal Printable

PBJstories.com Bathroom Reveal

That adorable printable is made by my super talented friend Kristin of Simply Klassic Home.  It's the perfect little addition to Jackson's bathroom, as The Beatles are dear to my family in tiny little ways.  Jackson's middle name is Jude (after The Beatles) so I love adding in subtle clues of The Beatles in his life.

PBJstories.com Bathroom Reveal Framed Mirror DIY

The framed mirror is another of my favorite additions to this bathroom.  There's SO many DIY tutorials how to build your own frame for any contractors mirror, and I simply just followed a few basic steps to create my own.  I added a couple changes that really helped me make it a super easy project that I'll be following up with it's own tutorial so keep an eye out for that.

PBJstories.com Bathroom Reveal Accessories

Instead of buying bathroom accessories that can add up (did you know the average cost for a tooth brush holder can be like $10+, kinda crazy) I just used some extra mason jars and glasses I had laying around to hold his toothbrushes and toothpaste, and one for a drinking glass.  It's a bit hard to see in the picture but I also used a shot glass to hold QTips within the larger jar and surround it with cotton balls (looks like I need to fill that up too!)

PBJstories.com Bathroom Sign

As many of you know I have my side business PB&Jcreations, my Etsy Shop where I create home decor signs.  Little known fact: I don't have any of my own hand painted signs hanging in my own home.  I'm too critical of myself to do it... but I braved my fears and finally made one to hang!  This cute little saying is what we have to scream say to Jackson every night for his routine.  I love the shade of green it's a perfect compliment to the blue used on the frame and bath mat.  His little step stool was painted in the same shade too. 

I’ll have a few follow up posts too to share how I painted the stripes and how I framed the mirror.

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  1. Looks awesome! I'm a sucker for stripes. We use to have them in our living room and now we have them in Eleanor's room.

  2. It looks so great Pamela!! I love the touch of green and yellow! Great Pops and looks super! Can't wait to see your tutorial on the framed mirror- I want to do this to my kiddos bathroom!! Awesome job, thank you for sharing!!!

  3. Oh this is too cute! Pottery Barn should be jealous!

  4. This look great! Way to make a nice kids bathroom without looking like a preschool barfed all over it. Hah. This definitely makes me want to frame out my mirror, too.

  5. Very cute!! I love the stripes!!

  6. PRETTY!! I love how it's still clean and fresh, but also a fun kid space. Well done :)

  7. It's fabulous! I wanted to do white on white in my kids bathroom too, but now you have me rethinking that choice. Thanks for sharing :)

  8. I've been waiting for this post!!!!! You know I already loved it from the sneak peeks, but it really looks fabulous, and it's something that can really grow with Jackson (and your +1). Fabulous job my friend!!

  9. It turned out so cute! I agree that keeping it neutral on the walls allows you to change it up with pops of different bright colors! Fun!

  10. Pam-this bathroom turned out so great! I just love the stripes and pops of color. Super fun for adults and kids alike. :) Little Jackson {and new bity} will be so happy here!!

  11. I'm so jealous! The bath turned out so cute. Really the like how it doesn't look babyish, the room can grow with them.

  12. Your bathroom looks wonderful! I love that it can be easily changed from kid to grown up space easily with assesories.

  13. I love this and just became your newest follower. Great job!

  14. Love it! Especially the stripes...My kids bathroom is a darker beige. I'm wanting to change the color - but may I'll just add a lighter color as the stripes! Thanks for the inspiration!!


  15. I LOVE this space you designed! I can't wait to decorate in our new place, pinning this now!

  16. so cute! i love the pops of color especially the green, i am currently painting a green stripe in my laundry room and it is not easy so i have a new appreciation for multiple stripes!

  17. I love it! Great colors. Perfect amount of color pop. The gray stripes are perfectly subtle, and I'm totally copying your mason jar idea!

    @ Creatively Living

  18. Great job Pamela. Some day I will be out to see it in person.

  19. I LOVE IT! LOVE the stripes!! So pretty!
    You did an amazing job as usual!

  20. LOVE the stripes!! Looks awesome!

    -Erin @ DIY On the Cheap

  21. I love the fresh stripes and the fun, bright green!

  22. Love this revamped bathroom! Perfectly modern for kiddos!

  23. Gorgeous makeover! Congratulations on how it all turned out! (And I love your own artwork in there too!)

  24. greatjob on your bathroom. Love your little touches!

  25. How fresh and clean! Lovin' the stripes and the art work!!

  26. The stripes are fabulous! I also love the kid-level hooks for the towels...I am definitely going to do that. :)


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