Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sponsor Shout out to Everyday Vinyl, and a little PB&J update

As I'm heading out for a week vacation I wanted to mention quickly that one of my most favorite sponsors Everyday Vinyl has expanded their vinyl inventory and cut some awesome deals on Silhouette starter kits!

They have added some new fun colors to their vinyl selection which can be seen here.

I have used Everyday Vinyl as my go to shop for ALL my vinyl needs for my Cricut.  I actually own two different Cricuts and I <3 them so so much. 

If you're in the market for a new Silhouette (or already have one) Everyday Vinyl sells the Silhouette machines plus newly reduced prices on starter kits. See their full selection here.

They offer a wide variety of sheet sizes for vinyl that are pre-cut and ready to be used in your cutter machine, or you can be a little more economical and save some money by buying their bulk rolls.  I always do the 12" rolls and just cut sheets myself as I'm always needing different sizes for different projects.

As for what's going on in the PB&J world, we're leaving tomorrow morning for Minnesota!  Both our families live there, actually they live within 6 blocks of each other so makes it super convenient.

We haven't been back to MN since January, which is a long break for us so very excited to see all our family and friends.  I'll also get to meet my new nephew, Max!  He's my Sister in Law's second child, and I CANNOT believe we haven't seen him yet either.  Jackson is very excited to see all his grandparents, auntie, uncles, cousins and god parents too. 

My bestie Ashley is an amazing photographer, Ashley J Tyler Photography, and last Sunday did a photo shoot of my Sister in Law's family and just need to share a few of those photos!

To die right?
That's Max and Yaya (Jackson's nickname for Amelia)

We're having our own photo shoot with her Thursday night, I'm a little stressed about it because I'm sort of in that awkward phase for pregnancy.  Not quite showing yet but pants are still starting to become a little tighter, a few lbs have been put on... just that "frumpy" stage ya know? Not the most optimal time to get pictures taken, but gotta take advantage of being in MN with Ashley around :)

How often do you get photo shoots with your family?

I have a couple posts lined up while I'm away but hoping to pop on too and post some fun updated pictures of family and friends too. I'm kinda actually excited to be away for a week with no DIY projects and sign making to do's.  It's just the vaca I need :)



  1. Have a great trip!! You are gorgeous so I can't wait to see your family photos. Oh yeah - I mentioned you in my latest post :)
    Safe travels!!!

  2. Can't wait to see you guys!!!!! :)


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