Thursday, August 9, 2012

How to Paint the Perfect Ceiling Line

How to paint ceiling lines

I’m not a professional by any means for cutting trim or ceiling lines, but after painting 8 rooms in our house I’ve found a technique that works pretty well for me. It’s fairly easy to paint the perfect ceiling lines without the hassle of taping or using an edger. All you really need is a really good paint brush and patience.

PBJstories how to cut trim

First I dip my brush into my paint.

PBJstories cutting trim on ceiling

Using the edge of the pan I pull the paint down so it’s about a quarter inch amount on the tip of the brush.

PBJstories cutting trim tip one text

First I brush downward right where I’m starting my next section of paint to just remove any excess paint (and have it available for next step). Next I cut into the ceiling really close and drag my brush so it’s at an angle.

PBJstories cutting trim tip three

Then I go back over the “beginning section” and smooth out the paint right below that cut line and to create a thicker trim line.

PBJstories cutting trim tip two

Then I just continue to repeat that process until my entire room is finished for the ceiling.
PBJstories ceiling line

Pretty easy huh?
I always use Purdy brushes anytime I paint.  If you’ve never tried one and typically just go for the more inexpensive brushes I HIGHLY recommend you purchase at least one and see the difference for yourself.  They’re more of an investment initially, but I cannot even describe how much higher quality they are then others.  If you take care of them and properly clean them they’ll last you for YEARS. And the best part is the paint bristle part doesn’t fray like others so I truly do find them the best brushes for cutting trim. No stray bristles messing up your clean lines.

I was not paid or compensated by Purdy – I just LOVE them!


  1. Thanks for sharing these great tips, Pamela! :)

  2. I cut in the exact same way. I never tape. I don't have the patience for that. I also use Purdy brushes. They are the best.

  3. I'm painting this weekend, so thanks for the tip! Younghouselove also uses a similar method.

  4. These are great tips! I'm horrible at "cutting in" but maybe I'll give it one more try!

    -Erin @ DIY On the Cheap

  5. Great tips! I do the same thing, and I have never missed using painter's tape!

  6. Great tips! Every time I try to do this, I get paint on the ceiling. :) Maybe there is still hope for me.

    Jennifer @ Shine with Jennifer Leigh

  7. I am with Jennifer, but I think it is because I am so short I can never get close enough to the ceiling to have a steady hand. I still pinned this though, gonna give it another try next time I paint.

  8. I love the Purdy brushes, but have you tried the slanted ones? They make the cutting in easier for me, especially around window frames and door trim. They are expensive so you will want to take care of them. I suggest buying a comb. It has a wood handle with nail type bristles. It really makes a difference when cleaning out the brush, comes through the bristles and really pulls the excess paint out. After I have all the paint out, I smooth the bristles with my fingers (Kinda like you do to cut hair) and let dry flat and then STORE IN THE WRAPPER that you of course saved!
    Good Painting!


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