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Making Accessories Fit your Decor : A Vase Makeover

Glazed Vase Makeover on PBJstories.com

I’ve officially added my first décor piece for the change of season for fall!  Fall is one of my favorite seasons, the change of cooler weather, sweaters, riding boots, scarfs, the beautiful colors, apples, ciders, cinnamon.  It’s all wonderful.

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TJ Maxx Home Goods is my go to store for accessories, and even with their great prices I always search the clearance aisle for an even better bargain.  I found this oversized vase in the clearance aisle originally priced $30, marked down to $18.  There wasn’t even a crack or chip on it (typically why items head to the clearance aisle)!  I loved its size and detail, but the color wasn’t perfect.  Rather than passing up on such a deal, I knew a coat paint would make it be a great addition to my home.

Spray paint can be the fastest, easiest, and cheapest way to personalize accessories to fit your décor style, even help pieces be more cohesive as the season style changes.

Using Primer when paintingUsing glazing medium to add depth

A layer of primer, and then a matte shade of brown of Valspar spray paint and my teal vase was now an even tone vase that fit in with our décor style better.  It was a little too flat for me, so I decided I’d attempt at adding some depth to the piece with a darker glaze.
The candle vase on the right in the above picture was my inspiration for adding black glaze to the piece.

I grabbed a bottle of black paint, a glazing medium, and metallic gold.  I wanted the glaze color to be black, but with a hint of shimmering gold that’s why I mixed the two paints together for the glaze.

How to glaze - pbjstories.com

First you mix the glazing medium 1:1 equal parts with water, then add a 1/3rd of your paint. I mixed it all up, painted it in sections on the vase and then used a cloth to wipe it down.  I did a few coats of the glaze on the bottom of the vase, and left it lighter up top to give it an ombre glaze effect.  The bottom looks more “worn” than then top and I love the look of it

Vase makeover on PBjstories.com

I’m not familiar with glazing so this was a trial and error for me, and honestly I was terrified as I was doing it up close… I was not a fan.  But I set the piece down where I wanted it and sat back for a bit to let it “sink in”.  From a far, I really love the depth the glaze gave the piece, and happy I attempted it!

Repurposing Flowers

So my next “trick” to cheap décor is using fake flowers, however buying them in bundles can still add up quickly.  Either keep your eyes out at Michael’s they often have sales on their fake flowers, or do what I did!  This dramatic bouquet was at Home Goods also and it was a large, tall and great collection of fall inspired nature pieces.  I loved it and it was only $10!  A STEAL. The only problem was it was created to be a free-standing item with the bottoms attached to a base to stand upright.
Simple solution – cut them free and then I’m able to arrange the bouquet as I wish.

Vase makeover for Fall on PBJstories.com

It’s a quick simple update but bringing a little of the change of season from outside to the inside.  I also love the height and dramatic effect the piece creates with the whole mantel layout.

Simple decor on mantel - pbjstories.com

Our simple fireplace and mantel décor.
I wish our mantel was a little more dramatic in size to be able to fit more décor, but it’s limited and I like the simplicity of the décor.



  1. Pretty!! That's the perfect spot for it :) I pretty much spray paint everything that isn't nailed down, Lol :)

  2. I am terrified of glazing, too, but your post makes me more encouraged to try it. The color you picked is just perfect for that spot, it looks so nice!

  3. Such an easy way to personalize one's decor! Thanks for sharing!


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