Friday, August 17, 2012

Our Minnesota Vacation–lots of pictures!

Last week we were up in Minnesota, where both my husband and I are originally from, visiting our families.  We are truly lucky that when we return to Minnetonka, MN we get to see both our families, and Jackson gets to see his cousins, aunt, uncles, and both sets of Grandparents.
We had an action packed week and kept busy each and every day and wanted to share some of our great times! So hope you’re ready for lots of pictures and Jackson cuteness Winking smile


Pretty much the second we land in Minnesota, Jackson is ready for Grandma and Papa’s pool. And he wastes NO time getting in.  He absolutely loves swimming.

And showing off his muscles because he’s “so strong”.

Over at Glamma and Cookie’s we searched for frogs and made them little homes. Jackson wouldn’t dare touch them, but sure giggled like crazy over them!


Another super fun thing we get to do is go out on Glamma and Cookie’s boat out on Lake Minnetonka.  I swear, Jackson was born to be on a boat.  His adorable blonde hair and blue eyes just fit him perfectly as he’s enjoying the waves.  His cousin Amelia (two weeks older) and him play SO incredibly well together and behave like angels whenever we’re on the boat too!


Awww so pensive! Smile

At what age do we as parents have to stop telling them to kiss for pictures? THEY’RE TOO CUTE NOT TOO!


Jackson hanging out with his newest cousin Max.  He’s gonna be such a good big brother!


Next up on our activity list was a big reason we headed up to MN, Billy’s cousin’s wedding.  Meghan got married to her childhood crush, Billy’s best friend from childhood Ben. 
A fun quick back story – keep up if you can!

Meghan and I were super close friends our whole childhood.
Billy and Meghan are cousins. 
Billy and Ben have been super close friends their entire lives.
Meghan had a crush on Ben since day one of meeting him as “kids”.
Meghan and Ben ran in “similar circles” but never dated.
Billy & I didn’t even meet until 2004 but started dating right away.
Billy & I got married in 2009.
Meghan & Ben had a “moment” during a dance at our wedding…. where their love began for one another.
Meghan & Ben married 2012.

How’s that for crazy!?

Back to adorable pictures of the kids…
During the ceremony, obviously Jackson was THRILLED

Courtney (Billy’s sister) and Billy handing out programs before the ceremony.
The wedding décor was ADORABLE.  It was the perfect backyard wedding with so many rustic sweet décor items … let’s just say it looked like a “Pinterest” wedding for sure!

My handsome husband

My best friend Ashley who is absolutely amazing with kids!  She’s amazing to have around not just as a best friend, but always willing to lend hands with our kids.  Plus it’s great, they love her back.

How to keep a 3 year old quiet and entertained during a wedding ceremony:

Reception time!

On the last full day I decided to take Jackson to Nickelodeon Universe, the indoor amusement park inside Mall of America.  It was the first time he’s gone on any time of amusement rides, and was too cute to see him enjoying himself.

Rollercoaster time with Grandma!





GOODNESS! That was a lot of pictures!!!
Well, we did a lot and wanted to share the fun moments!



  1. I can't wait for your next trip home :)

  2. What a fun trip! Loved the story of your friends. So sweet!!

  3. awww cute pictures. Looks like you guys had a great time :) Hope you are feeling good and all is well!


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