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Lighted Halloween Ghost Garland using RIT Dye

Halloween Ghost Garland on

According to my 3 year old son our Halloween mantel is "spoooooooky"!  But when I was sharing a sneak peek of my project via Facebook and Instagram I was saying "Who says Halloween can't be COLORFUL & spooky!"

When it comes to "crafts" it's a fine line of which things I can do and which end up being total failures.  When I opened a big fun box of colorful RIT dye I was really nervous it was going to be a big epic failure.  I just figured it was going to be one of those crafts you get better at the more you do it, I was nervous.
However, let me be the first to say -  It's AMAZING! Seriously. So easy to use! I was almost tempted to keep going that day and just start dying anything white in my house. I reserved my temptations though.

Do you love the splash of color my little Ghost Garland adds to our Halloween mantel? Let me share how easy RIT dye is to use and how I made my fun little decoration.

RIT Dye - Colors of choice (endless options)
String of indoor bulb lights
White fabric (almost any cotton blend will work, I specifically used white voile fabric)
Black Buttons
Craft Adhesive Glue Dots

Halloween Garland with Rit Dye Materials
First I cut 10 - 12"x12" double layered pieces from my fabric. 

PBJstories Halloween Garland
Next was time to dye!  I just read the instructions on the bottle and a few tips from the RIT Dye website.  It really was as simple as - boil 4 cups of water, add 1 tablespoon of salt, add about half bottle of dye. Once it was boiling I added my fabric and brought the temp down to about medium temperature and let it sit for about 15 minutes. Honestly this is where I thought I was going to have to be extra particular about measurements and timing.  By the second color I didn't even measure anything just threw it all it, waited and got beautiful results.

How to use RIT dye
After the 15 minutes was up, I ran the fabric under warm water first (this helps rinse the excess dye out the fastest) and then rinsed with cool water until the water ran clear.

Using RIT dye with fabric
After I dyed all my fabric I was really nervous about the next step.  You're supposed to run it through a wash cycle and then the dryer.  Well because I had 5 different colors I was nervous they'd all bleed together in the washer, so I ran it through a dry cycle first to be extra sure the color was set.  Worked perfectly.
Next, time for the ghosts. I took two pieces of fabric and overlapped them and then folded in 4ths to make a create a fold in the center.   I snipped off the tip to make a hole through both layers, this is where I fed the bulb through and then reconnected back to the string of lights. (Pictures might make more sense than me).

Steps for Ghost Garland
The last step I used clear small rubber bands to wrap around the base of the bulbs to make the head of the ghost.
Didn't the colors turn out BEAUTIFULLY! I think so. I kind of want a scarf in each of these colors!

PBJstories Halloween Garland Colors
Now, the super easy way to attach the eyes. I just used small black buttons and attached using clear adhesive dots. 

Adding the Ghost Eyes
Cute right?! I think I shall name him Alfred.  Alfred looks like he's wearing a top hat too.

PBJstories Halloween Garland Ghost
I mixed in a few more simple Halloween decorations to jazz up our colorful Halloween mantel.

PBJstories Halloween Garland RIT Dye 3
PBJstories Halloween Garland RIT Dye 4
PBJstories Halloween Garland with RIT Dye

PBJstories Halloween Ghost Garland

Honestly, RIT dye has to be one of the easiest craft supplies I've ever used. I'm at LEAST gonna tackle a few more projects like scarfs and mittens for the winter.
And at least a dozen baby onesies! :)

 Be sure to let me know if you do any fun amazing projects soon using RIT dye! You can also check out these awesome other projects being done by fellow bloggers using RIT dye.

I wrote this post as a part of a paid campaign with RIT Dye and Blueprint Social.  The opinions in this post are my own, and as always I only share products and companies I truly {heart} with my readers!!!



  1. Pamela--your ghosts are sooo cute! Using the Rit Dye was a lot of fun for me too!

  2. These are too adorable! All the Rit Dye posts in blogland is having me itching to try it!

  3. That is so fun! Love the lights peeking through, what a great idea.

  4. Great idea! I could see doing something like this for other holidays too.

  5. These ghosts are cute, fun, and scary of course!

  6. These are too cute! What a great idea :) I LOVE Halloween!!!

  7. What a great project! I love the how the ghosts turned out, especially how rich each of their ghosty outfits are!

  8. This is super cute. I have been brainstorming on a Halloween lighted garland. Thanks for the idea.


  9. This is so cute, thanks for sharing and ps> do you think you could use this same concept but for Christmas? Like maybe a string of elfs or santa clauses? Would love to see what you could come up with, you did a fabulous job on these. :)


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