Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Easiest Way to Label Bottles for Decorating

Easiest way to label bottles for Halloween

You ready for a SUPER easy tutorial? I have these bottles that have been a part of my decor for the past year.  They were just spare wine and miscellaneous bottles that I spray painted with various colors and frosted tint.  I thought they'd be perfect to include for my Halloween decor, and adding labels would put a fun twist on them.  There's easy tutorials out there how to mod podge printable labels onto bottles to transform them, but I took it one step easier to transform my bottles.  Main reason I chose this way was it's not permanent.  I'll be able to remove the labels after Halloween and keep them as my traditional decor!

Spare bottles/jars of your choice
Printed labels - Graphic Fairy is always a great place to find awesome labels
Craft Adhesive Glue Dots

Step 1. I printed out my labels from my traditional home printer and grabbed my adhesive glue dots.
Ready? Set....
Step 2. Place the glue dots around the perimeter of the label so all sides will stay down.

I used these Adhesive Glue Dots and they're also available at your local craft stores like Michael's.  Haven't used them before? You should! Super easy.

Step 3. Place the label on your bottle where you'd like it centered.


DSC_6813bAdd some other fun Halloween decor (I picked up these beauties at the Dollar Store!) and you have yourself some easy and inexpensive Halloween decor!
 Think you'll transform some bottles to add to your Holiday decor now!?

I placed my Amazon affiliates link within this post, just letting you guys know so there's no hidden agendas.  Have to help earn the money back to keep shopping at the Dollar Store! ;)



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