Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Organizing made pretty! Keeping hair accessories from getting lost

organizing hair accessories

What’s better than an afternoon of crafty goodness?! Not much for this gal! Especially when I’m crafting up a project that will be put to great use.  A big problem for me is my to do list is building up fast from great ideas I find on Pinterest… but I never have time to get to the craft store so my to do list never gets a project crossed off of it. 
I recently had the opportunity to do a little online shopping at ConsumerCrafts.com and jumped at the chance!  I am obsessed with online shopping, it’s quick, easy and saves me so much time when I already have a packed schedule of full time job, raising a 4 year old, being a wife, running my blog and Etsy shop. Yah. Jam packed schedule.

ConsumerCrafts.com is an online one-stop shop for all your crafting needs. It literally has everything!
I spent some time browsing the online aisles of the shop when I finally decided I needed to make something to put to good use for my new soon to be baby girl.  Here’s a snapshot of some of the goods I bought from them.  Everything from Baker’s Twin, Martha Stewart Crafting Lace, Paper Petals, and self-adhesive rhinestones.  They have some extremely competitive prices (as in no one beats them) and a wide-range of products.
Goods from Consumer Crafts

I already had some small mason jars on hand so didn’t need to pick up any containers to use for my project.
Small mason jars

I brought out my hot glue gun for this project… which is scary for me. But, we actually got along this time. First time for everything.
I wanted to get my hands on that lace right away so I wrapped the first jar in four layers of lace and sealed the lace to the jar with a dab of hot glue.

I concealed the seam by layering various sizes of the paper petals and different colors., and adhered each with a small dab of hot glue.


Then finished with a perfect little detail of a sparkly self-adhesive rhinestone.
A-dorable right?!

I  played around with different materials and layering of all the goods I bought for each jar.  I wanted each one to be unique so played around with different styles.

Pssst. Wanna know a little, but super easy, secret to keeping your Baker’s Twine from unraveling all over the place?  Make slits on each side and just slip in the loose end so they don’t get away from you!

Tip for keeping bakers twin from unraveling
Back to the project. So where was I going with all my beautifully decorated jars? Well my baby girl isn’t even here yet and I already had this pile of mayhem. My husband literally saw this and said, “You can’t even keep your own hair ties straight, how are you going to handle all these tiny ones too?” Exactly.

So each jar holds its own hair accessory! Easy organizing! No mess! No lost hair bows!

Yes, I could have just put the accessories in a plain jar, but… where’s the fun in that? A quick afternoon project and these jars will be adorable on her dresser, and keep her adorable accessories organized too.


Next best part? You can keep the tops of the jars and put them back on the top just incase they get knocked over, or even keep for easy organizing to throw in your diaper bag or drink holder of your car.
easy on the go jars for accessories

Since Consumer Crafts is my favorite online crafting website now, I wanted to share some more goodness with you all. They’re currently having a Refer-A-Friend contest for the chance to win $250 to not just one, but six winners!  That’s a LOT of crafting goodness.  Click here for details.
Make sure to check out Consumer Crafts: blog, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

I wrote this post as a part of a paid campaign with Consumer Crafts and Blueprint Social.  The opinions in this post are my own, and as always I only share products and companies I truly {heart} with my readers!!!


  1. So pretty, and simple! I need something like this for my girls.

  2. I love the products. The project turned out great!

  3. Such a pretty idea, Pam! Love that you saved the lids too, but I'm cracking up that you already have all kinds of hair accessories. LOL

  4. aww so cute! would love to try this with other kinds of glasses too :)


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