Friday, November 9, 2012

The 5th wall, bringing your attention upward to painted ceilings

Every once in a while I get a burst of excitement for an idea in a room I'm redoing where I want to step outside my comfort zone and do a "wow" factor.  I've come up with two ideas for that "wow" factor in our Nursery redo, first was making an accent wall behind her crib with a unique wallpaper design.  My latest idea is moving up and heading to the ceiling with that "wow" factor. 

The 5th wall.
Typically it's left undone, perhaps decorated up a big with added crown molding, or a gorgeous light fixture.  Well what about adding even more design and make it pop by bringing your eye upward and stenciling it!

Baby Girl's nursery is really subtle as-is. It's going to be a soft, serene environment with taupes and soft neutral colors.  I want to add that excitement without changing the feel of the room too drastically.

I searched the internet for some of my favorite 5th wall accents and wanted to share them for inspirational ideas.

I love each and everyone of these rooms for their own reasons, and LOVE how much appeal the stenciled ceilings bring to the room.

 I cannot do a round up without starting off with Stacy of Not Just a Housewife.  Her stenciled ceiling is epic. It covers such a large room and she used such a detailed stencil it adds so much class to her room.  She did an amazing tutorial of how to's and tips for doing such a detailed painting job up above your standards walls too.

Love the playfulness of the stripped bright blue ceiling this adds to the nursery designed by Elizabeth Sullivan Design.  My favorite part is how simple the walls are by keeping them white and using accessories, books, and furniture to bring in design and color and then to finish it off with such a punch of color on the ceiling.

 Mandi, oh Mandi.  What don't I love about her home.  She brings in such excitement and style with her bold selection of colors and patterns. Her entryway completed almost a year ago is the perfect example of how she always pulls it off.  She did a non-typical herringbone pattern on the ceiling and created a fun contrast with a bright colorful chandelier.  This girl is epic. I love her style and bold choices.

This nursery is one of my top favorite nursery's for fun factor!  It was featured on Project Nursery, and one that I've had pinned for a while.  Such rich and exciting colors.  I love that it's not gender specific, and the walls are a bright loving blue, with hints of yellow and pinks.  It's feminine without overbearing pinks.  I just love the cuteness factor of this stenciled ceiling too!  Instead of doing an all over stencil they did a stencil design of a flower burst in random locations on the ceiling.  It perfectly ties in with the overall scheme so well.

Now. When I found this room I melted.  Like I'm a pile of romance ooze on the floor. THIS is the exact feel I'm going for in Baby Girl's nursery with lighter tones.  The designer Shannon Kaye has a one of a kind home with amazing design appeal.  A soft mixture of neutrals, metallics and blushes with feminine features like the chandelier, and sparkles. I literally want to pick this room up and bring it into the nursery now. And this room is the PERFECT example of what I thought of when I thought stenciled ceiling for a WOW factor.  It completes this room.  And I love the subtle modern pattern of chevron mixed with the metallic gold paint. Have I mentioned it's perfection?
This room is what will have be coming back to the idea of painting Baby Girl's ceiling.

What's your take? Do you love the idea of the 5th wall? Prefer more a standard white ceiling and leave design on the walls?  Do you LOVE the last room like I do?




  1. I LOVE ceilings with a stencil (or wallpaper)! It looks so good and really ups the wow factor in a room. I can't wait to own a house again so I can try this somewhere. I'm planning a nursery design for a friend and that is my #1 feature of the room- the ceiling! (that's what a baby stares at all day long so might as well have something to look at, right?!)

    1. Exactly!!! It's such a fun way to add new design into a room especially in a nursery - where baby stares all day long :)

  2. Do It! I'm dying to see the nursery when its done! XOXO ~B

    1. Will you come do it? You'd do it so much better :D

  3. Love this! We're actually painting our bathroom ceiling!


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