Friday, November 30, 2012

Tophatter–The most fun you can have while spending money!

About a year ago when I first started my Etsy shop I was looking for new and fun ways to get my products name out into the market without a costly marketing fee as I was still in start-up phase.  That’s when I found  It’s this really fun shopping website that is set up like a live auction.  I joined the website as a seller, but quickly became a buyer myself too. I wanted to share about the website in time for Christmas because it’s a fun way to buy unique gifts, and they even have specific auctions for “supplies” and wholesale that could help you get things you may need to make your own gifts!

So what is Tophatter all about?
Well when you sign up you make an account and make a little avatar of yourself.  Then, each day there are new auctions and various genres all throughout the day.  You pick which auction you want to join and enter the “room”. 
Auction Tour
Here you will see everyone else that is going to be involved in the auction as well.  On the right hand side you’ll have a complete list of upcoming items that will be available for bidding, including their starting bid price, and their shipping cost.  When an item is up for bid, the auctioneer will do a quick explanation of the product, and open the room to bidding.

This is when you’d click the “bid now” button and your little avatar will raise her/his paddle.  Just as a normal auction goes, people will continuously bid on the item until those bids have come to a halt than the auctioneer will call out, “Final price $xx going once… going twice… SOLD to __________ (hopefully your name here)!  It’s really fun and such a unique website for shopping.  I became quickly addicted.

Here’s a few screen shots to help describe the steps….

As described you have the room on the left, with the item up for bid as the large image on the right, and the bid now button below it.
Auction Tour Bidding
The list of upcoming items are all listed on the right side, and they give you the awesome convenience if you see an item far down on the list, you can click on it and it’ll give you the option to enter your phone number in and will send you a reminder text when your item is up for bid next!
Auction Tour Up NextOnce you make the winning bid on an item, you’ll be prompted to head to the check out page where you simply pay using your Paypal account.  Once your seller receives the payment she’ll ship your item!  Not only is this a fun and unique way of shopping, but you have the chance to really get a wide range of products you may normally not think to shop for.   There are different genres of auctions going on throughout the day as I previously mentioned ranging from Homemade products, Early Bird Auction (random goods), Jewelry, Home Décor, Supplies, Wholesale, etc. 
Just look at these awesome prizes you could win:

Love and Be Loved NecklaceBaker's TwineElephant Ring

(Image sources: L to R:Monique Christine on Tophatter, 42 Things by Jo on Tophatter, 42 Things by KejaDesigns on Tophatter)

Sound like something you’d be interested in? GOOD! Then I have an extra bonus for you too… if you sign up for Tophatter here, you’ll have the chance for $10 OFF your first winning bid! So whatever price is your final payment price, you’ll get $10 off that just for signing up! We all love savings don’t we?
Let me know if you have any questions as I’ve been on Tophatter for a while, but when you sign up they have an easy walk through that will answer a lot of questions, plus a FAQ area that gives great information too!
You can visit their Facebook Page or Follow on Twitter too!

A word from my sponsor:
Have you discovered the addictive new auction site called Tophatter, where buyers bid for sellers’ unique goods in fast-paced virtual auction rooms? From crafts and DIY projects, to antiques, jewelry, home décor and much more, there’s no limit to what you can discover on Tophatter.With live auctions every day, sellers get to showcase their wares from around the world to a community of thousands of buyers, and answer questions via chat as the clock ticks down. Each lot sells in an average of two minutes, so buyers must bid quickly!Tophatter’s auctions become interactive live events where buyers and sellers can hang out, chat, and win. Led by the esteemed Sir Wendell Wattington and his animated family, Tophatter auctions keep the fun rolling in.
This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tophatter. The opinions and text are all mine and as usual I wouldn’t share about a company or product I don’t truly love myself!


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  1. I have been on that site a few times, once I actually bid on something (that I didn't need. it was a spur of the moment- try it out thing...that I *actually* wound up winning. haha) and the other times to look.

    I have debated on listing some things on there to sell but selling on sites like this make me nervous.

    Glad you had fun with it- I should go check it out again :)


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