Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Accenting with Chevron! Sneak Peek at Baby Girl’s Ceiling

Are you guys ready to see one of my FAVORITE projects I’ve completed to date?!  I’ve been working away in Baby Girl’s Nursery and a couple weekends ago I finished painting in here… painting the ceiling!

You may remember a little bit ago I was talking about the 5th wall, and started to dream up the idea of painting Baby Girl’s ceiling.  Well thanks to Cutting Edge Stencils I received my motivation and got to it!

PB&Jstories Nursery Chevron Ceiling

This is the 3rd time using a CES stencil and each and every time I’m so impressed with the quality and my results.  Stenciling really does step up the WOW factor in any room of your home!  I’ve also used their stencils for my stenciled curtains, and my stenciled kitchen pantry.
Well I immediately had the idea of doing chevron on the ceiling and so I messaged CES asking if they by chance had a chevron stencil that I just couldn’t see on their website.  Their response, “it’s actually the NEXT stencil we’re adding to our collection!”. That’s’ what I call fate people! They have it in both a small chevron, and the large chevron pattern.  I choose the large stencil and knew once I received it, there was no turning back.  I was getting my 8 month pregnant buns up on a ladder to do some serious painting!
This is just a sneak peek (a pretty BIG sneak peek though!)  But I am HEAD OVER HEELS in love with how it turned out! Honestly, I go in her room 500 times a day and just stare, and smile.  It’s exactly what I was wanting for her room.  If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram you know what weekend I tackled this project as I kept sending out updates.  One so people knew I was still alive (like I said I was up on a ladder for a total of about 18 hours total that weekend) and two because I was just too excited to not keep posting teaser pictures.
PBJstories Nursery Ceiling
I was actually REALLY surprised how great the stencil worked.  My ceilings are a textured surface, just as our walls they have a knockdown texture to them which makes painting a challenge, and makes stenciling very challenging.  I almost started the project assuming I’d use the stencil in the beginning but then just as a guide and would end up taping out the whole ceiling to just be able paint it out.  However the stencil worked PERFECTLY!  I had minimal bleeds and it ended up being so much easier to use than had I spent the time taping out the whole design. 
I’m going to do another post filled with tons of tips and tricks of how I stenciled the ceiling because I did quickly learn things that made the process easier. 
But for now, let’s kick back our heels and just look at how ADORABLE my Baby Girl’s ceiling is!
Now for some MORE good news!  Come back tomorrow for a chance to win a FREE Cutting Edge Stencil, a $50 value!!! Visit their website here, and start searching for which one you’d pick and what project you’d do with it!
So I’ll see you tomorrow for the giveaway!


  1. That looks GREAT! How are your back and neck doing? I'm afraid that would KILL ME!

  2. Beautiful Pamela! You were a brave girl for tackling that project! Can't wait to see the whole room reveal.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! I love how it turned out, it does make a really big impact. I am really loving how the room looks so far, I can't wait to see the finished nursery :)

  4. Love the chevron ceiling! Where did you get your lamp? I love it too :)

  5. love it! can't wait to see the whole room put together :)

  6. simply beautiful!! i wish i had that patience!

  7. I can not believe that an 8 month pregnant woman did that! What are you crazy? But look how beautiful it turned out! Stunning I'd say!, kudos to you for sticking with it in your condition, it's a work of art that's for sure.

  8. Do the tips and tricks post quickly, I have a ceiling stenciling project I'm going to tackle in the next week or so and I need all the tips I can!!! This looks fabulous!!!

  9. I can see why you are in love with it! I would be walking in to look at it 500 times a day too! So pretty!!

  10. I absolutely love how it looks! (Especially with the chandelier.). Can't wait to see the whole nursery reveal.

  11. Great job! I LOVE the chandelier! Did you make that? Or where did you buy it? :)

    1. Thank you so much!!! I didn't DIY the chandelier - I actually got it from --- they have it in a few different colors. It could possibly be a DIY project tho!

  12. Absolutely fantastic!! I must say, you would need a lot of patience to complete this! It looks great :)



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