Tuesday, December 4, 2012

When a company you love, loves your work, it sure can make you do a happy dance!

Do you ever come across a product that you’re crazy in love with for so many reasons?  That’s Rewined Candles for me!!! My hubs and I love candles to light and fill up our house with yummy scents and was so eager to learn about Rewined Candles. 
rewined candlesWell I learned about Rewined Soy Candles because they actually loved MY products! How lucky am I?! Their marketing director contacted me asking me to make them custom signs featuring their logo on my reclaimed wood pallet pieces to use at their trade shows.  I was so honored and completely in awe that a company as awesome as Rewined Candles believed in me to represent their company branding!

I actually got to try out their candles too and we have had them lit every single night since we received them.  They’re AMAZING!  Their main trend is they use old recycled wine bottles, cut down and filled with their unique soy candles.  They use aromas of the style of wine bottle they’re from to make each unique scent.  Plus they have brand new holiday ones… they’re AMAZING. Plus they last around 80 hours. I highly suggest checking them out!

rewined candles

I loved making their signs for them and wanted to share the finished pieces!  They’re three feet by three feet and I think they fits their brand perfectly and turned out pretty awesome!
Hope they love them too!
PB&Jcreations Etsy Sign
Reclaimed wood custom company sign
PB&Jstories custom sign for Rewined Candles
I had to steal this picture from their Facebook – I just LOVE companies that share their true personalities of their staff and their love of their brand.  Smile
rewined candles staff
You can order from Rewined Candles online (great Christmas gift idea and stocking stuffers!), and visit their Facebook page!
Tell them I sent ya Winking smile


  1. love the sign you made....how awesome!

  2. Congratulations to you on your success! What a great sign for a great company. I've actually never heard of them until now, and I live just a few hours East of Charleston. Thanks for sharing!


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