Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Day of Antiquing

This past weekend we headed out to do a little shopping at a local Antique Mall, Barretts Street Mall.  It's a huge market both outdoor and indoor and full of amazing finds.  I used to get out there a lot more, but this is the first time this year and I was tempted to buy soooo many amazing goodies!

Do you see all this amazingness!?



That sign would be perfect for our home as… I’m pretty sure my husband sets off our fire alarm at least once a week.  I was in love with the wooden crate storing all the fun signs.


I just love their nautical theme goods too! One of those life savers would be a perfect addition to our nautical themed bathroom.
I would DIE of happiness to have this for my son’s room!!! And I was actually quite shocked at the pricetag, I thought it’d be like $400, and was $150.  Had the husband been as excited as I was about it it may have been coming home with us!
I think it’d just be perfect as a faux-headboard above his bed!


Now onto the indoors of the market.  First thing right when you walk in.. the Pac Man machine.  The husband made some kind of  noise that sounded like he was dying to have it… as I imagine he would put it in his “dream man cave”.  He’s determined to have a man cave one day filled with games, billards, dart boards, I’m sure 5+ big screen TV’s and a few “man chair’s”. Men.


As for the Tiger…. yah he creeped me out.  Thought he was picture worthy.


Who doesn’t love these??? Would be so cute to showcase a bunch of small collectibles!


Well, this just made me sad.  New Kids on The Block in an Antique Market? I’m not that old am I?


Now seriously.  I’ve hit the swoon worthy section!  Those spools – amazing. Those Louis Vuitton suitcases – ohhhh my goodness.  They were only a mere $1500 per piece.

And onto the furniture pieces.  These were my two favorite I saw by far.  I cried a bit when I saw the pricetag on the campaign dresser because I was totally wishing it had been affordable.  I’ve been wishing for a campaign dresser for so long!  But was $600 Sad smile
The second dresser I instantly pictured painted in an antique white for the next nursery. So. So. Cute.  I’m still tempted to go back and buy it! 


Wondering if we ended up with any purchases? Sure did! These two wonderful finds:

I have wanted a Ford grill for over a year for J’s room.  It’s decorated with a bunch of antique and vintage cars and have always thought it’d be the perfect backdrop for showing off the cars in his room.  I finally scored one that was within price range!

And J scored a “brand new” toy car.  This car was absolutely perfect.  The husband was in love with it too, said he had the same one when he was little.  It’s the perfect combination of antique love, and rustic car appeal that is perfect for his room décor.
Plus according to J, it’s the perfect size for his monkey to ride on.


So that’s a little peak into our last Saturday afternoon life.
Do you love searching Antique malls high and low as much as me?


J’s Room: Kids Locker Storage


Another project completed for my son's room!

And I am in LOVE with this piece!!  It's the first time I've actually painted with color.  I'm a fan of neutrals but I'm having fun using color in my son's room.

The piece before was just a plain towel/bathroom cabinet that we bought from Walmart for our Master Bathroom. It actually came with two shelves too for the inside, that I had already removed before doing before pictures.  I originally bought it thinking it was much larger in size and unfortunately it just didn't fit in our bathroom correctly.  It was an eye sore in there, and didn't even hold my necessities properly so I had plans on just tossing it, until I put on my DIY thinking cap!

Here's the before shots:
I took apart the cabinet to make it easier to paint each piece.  My husband was the one that originally assembled it and I was NOT aware how many individual pieces this unit had! Wow.

Once it was all laid out I primed each piece, and then did a coat of my go to paint brand for furniture - Sherwin Williams.  I used their Duration line as I was color matching a very bright red I found that I liked from Lowe's. 
I did one coat of paint and once it was dried, reassembled the cabinet once it dried and did a second coat with the unit together.
Then to give it more of a fun locker feel, I removed the glass piece and replaced it with a piece of screen which I just used a staple gun to keep in place.  And to keep with his industrial/antique aesthetic of his room I added the number 17 to the front (his birth date). 

I added a double hook on the inside so J could hang his backpack and coat to keep all things organized.
I added one of the shelves on the bottom too to keep a separate area for his shoes.

I love love love it.

room shotb

His room is slowly but surely coming together, and little by little more color is added.  Yay!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Inspiration or Copying, where does the line start or end?

In college I graduated with a degree in Communications, but I emphasized all my studies in Media Production.  My favorite concentration within that field was videography of music. 

I loved the aspect that you could interpret an art such as music through the media of video.  Most of the bands I recorded were local bands who not only had their own unique music, but did a majority of their shows based upon cover songs.

This video has gone viral recently and is a cover of the song, “Somebody that I Used to Know” originally by Gotye, covered by Walk Off the Earth.  This band has been around for quite a long time doing covers and some of their own unique songs, but gained the most attention from around the world by their interpretation of this song.

Pretty amazing right?

A part of me has been reflecting back to my days of studying music and how bands can become widely known based off a cover.  This isn’t the first time it has happened, and now a days, with all the music inspired reality shows, contestants are highly encouraged to NOT use their own music and solely do covers for the contest.  It’s easier for others to relate, and they then can concentrate on how that specific musician is using their talents to produce their interpretation of that song. 

Can creativity be measured by interpretation of an original piece of art?

This applies to all fields of art, and has been one that I had a huge hurdle with recently.  In the blogging world, inspiration is all around us.  Most bloggers publish their projects and tutorials specifically so they can teach and show others how they did this creation so others can replicate them.  However it has been such a hurdle to overcome and learn to understand the difference between being inspired and copying.  To me, describing the difference as a grey area doesn’t even begin to describe it.  More like a blurry rainbow where there are no straight solid lines, there’s no white or black or even grey.  It’s all a big messy blur of colorful lines that can be heresay. 

A lot of my posts on my blog are DIY projects with tutorials.  Therefore, I don’t mind if others copy my projects, in fact it is encouraged, I want you to do my projects, I hope to inspire you.  Do I care if you copy bullet for bullet point? Nope.  Do I want you to take the idea of what I created and put your own creativity spin on it? Only if that’s what you want to do. 

But then we come to the other side of PB&J…. the creations side.  My business side on Etsy, where I create pieces of art for a profit.  And ever since I have opened that business the line of inspiration and copying has been a hard battle.  I am a little more protective over my signs in my shop, as I make those for others to decorate their homes with and I want them to make others happy.  But I also do it as a business, to make money.  So I am a more protective over how those inspire others to make their own creations.

It’s a battle to wonder how truly unique your own ideas are.  You may come up with a design, a project, an idea that you feel is unique to your style but may have become inspired from a different source and just not realized it, or remembered that specific original source.  A seed was planted in your mind, and you let your own creativity take over it. 

In a world where others’ products are seconds away on sources such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and especially Pinterest, inspiration is all around us.  How do you know when your creativity is within limits of inspiration or breaking the rules of copying and infringement?
Even within a couple months of opening my business I’ve already had to handle situations of copyright infringement and stealing intellectual property.  It’s not fun.  I don’t enjoy it, and I almost just wish that this niche we are a part of in the blogging/diy world was as accepting as the music industry is.  Why is it a band can do a cover of a song, use the exact words, perhaps even the exact sound (as the example given in the beginning) and not only not get in trouble for producing it, but is what they become famous for?  Last week I was hit with my biggest hurdle of copyright issues and it sunk me into a deep hole.  The finger was pointed at me this time, and I couldn’t concentrate on anything except that issue the entire few days after the first contact was made.  I even spent hours crying over it and my husband asked me are you this upset because you’re mad at yourself for doing it, or because she is blaming you?

Truth is…. a part of me was so upset because I felt attacked.  I felt like in the grand scheme of things what I did was nothing.  The sign in question was one I posted about on my blog.  I wasn’t selling it in my Etsy shop.  I didn’t receive money for it.  I just made it because someone asked me to make “this sign” for them and after seeing the original piece and being told they want the same colors, I sat at my computer trying to come up with my own design.  I could have copied it design for design, but I didn’t.  I took the time to use my own inspiration.  And yet, within hours of posting the images on my blog I was contacted by the original artist for accusing of copyright infringement.  Yet this seller is BIG, she is a seller of home décor signs and in so many different stores I can’t even count.  Most likely, if you walk into a home décor store, her signs are there.  Why did my interpretation of her sign given as gift to someone make her contact me so quickly in regards to copyright? Truthfully, she had the right too and I don’t blame her for protecting her work.  I mean it was her piece I took my inspiration from and my defense argument was not strong.  My biggest defense on why I felt attacked was because I knew of about 10 other Etsy shops AT LEAST that were selling complete 100% design replicas of her sign, and they were selling them, for a profit.  Why weren’t they contacted?

I almost threw my hat in the rink and gave up on it all.  I felt that if I was contacted for infringement for this sign…. I didn’t feel safe creating pieces anymore, worried someone always would be pointing fingers that it too closely replicated their design. 

I almost envy musicians being able to create covers of songs.  Having those covers make them more relateable, more appealing to more audiences, and perhaps what makes them famous.  My point isn’t that I want to copy signs of others and wish it was okay.  My point is why can’t the creativity of interpreting your inspiration be enough?  At what point does inspiration end and copying begin. 

Love is a battlefield? Try creativity is a battlefield.

In the end I will continue creating my own designs for my shop and try my hardest to truly make my signs unique and have my own personal style to them so they’re recognizable as mine.  I want when someone sees a sign on Pinterest, or online or wherever they can actually tell that it was created by PB&Jcreations.  In the end I think that is the most important when creating something, is to have your own true unique style on it.  Whether or not it is one of a kind, or was inspired by another piece if you can create it with your own style, then you are within the lines of inspiration.

My disclaimer: I am not an expert on copyright, or infringement or anything.  These are the words that have been sitting in my head the past couple weeks and I wanted to share with my readers.  An inside view to my heart and my mind, nothing else.


Monday, March 19, 2012

Guest Posting on Megan Brooke Handmade

Just wanted to let everyone know that I’m guest posting over at Megan Brooke Handmade today!  I’m featuring a fun DIY framed chalkboard sign that I’ve made recently for my son’s room. 
I’m slowly but surely plugging away at redoing his room while on a very tiny budget, and trying to add a lot of fun décor items and color.  I can’t wait to get a few more things done in there to finally do a big reveal, but more than likely it’ll still be a while.
I’d love if you’d stop over at Megan’s blog and see my DIY tutorial for a framed chalkboard and share some love!


Saturday, March 17, 2012

We work hard and play harder at PB&J

While Momma is busy working away on projects & signs…. Husband’s cooking away in the kitchen

In this house we wear PJ’s all day long…. It’s 5pm and still rockin’ the look.



We’re loving this warm sunny weather we’ve been having lately? How about you?

It was another busy Saturday at the PB&J household.  I swear, I work harder on the weekends than I do all week.

In other news: we have two lucky winners of the Birthday Giveaway that ended last Wednesday!

The winner of the $25 store credit to Cinsarah’s Etsy Shop:


& the winner of the $25 credit to my PB&Jcreations Etsy shop




Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Great Scott! We need your help!

This post brought to you by Scotts®. All opinions are 100% mine.

We have been homeowners since November 1st, 2010 and I have loved every.single.moment. of decorating the inside of our home.  It was a blank slate when we moved in so I have literally had a blank canvas to help let my inspirations run wild.  The blank slate didn't just stop at the walls of our home but expanded to the property limits of our yard.  Last year I thought with a little TLC our yard full of dirt was going to be a beautiful yard of fresh grass. Boy, was I wrong.  We worked so hard raking up the dirt, seeding and fertilizing the lawn and constant watering.  We did EVERYTHING by hand too. Long, hot hours in the sun trying to get our yard to be somewhat presentable.  Now that it's spring again, I've almost dreaded the idea of all the work we still have to do for our yard.  It's full of hard, not appealing crab grass intermixed with weeds.  We have patches you can slightly see of nicely growing grass, but they're a dime a dozen. We started brainstorming last weekend to start getting ideas how we were going to tackle this years lawn struggles when I saw Scotts® Snap® Spreader System. Every little detail about this looks amazing and right up our alley for what we need!

No more hand cranking seeds and fertilizer? CHECK!
No more half opened bags ready to spill in our garage? CHECK!
Able to use it for all stages of the lawn for summer? CHECK!
No more guessing what settings I need to set my hand crank spreader too? CHECK!
Seriously this tool looks so easy to use! I need to go pick it up stat.

As if I wasn't already sold just be how easy it looks to use, here are some great reviews by others too.

Pretty sure we'll be hitting up our local store this weekend to buy this and get it to use so we can finally have a nice backyard! If you're in the same boat as me be sure to like Snap perks on Facebook because you get really great deals and "Snap Perks"! Which is essentially their way of saying Thanks for being awesome & buying their products so here's some deals and coupons Advertisement .


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