Thursday, January 10, 2013

2013 A New Year–Time for me to say hi!

Have you been wondering where I am?  Did I disappear with the New Year?  Goodness my to do lists have been unmanageable and unfortunately it’s been way too long since I’ve been able to sit and write!

Here’s my biggest issue that puts breaks in-between my blog writing – I get caught up in writing about the perfect project from start to finish.  I worry “update” posts will bore you and that’s not why you’re here.  You’re here to see project reveals, and how to’s.   I mean that is what started my entire blog.  So, as finishing projects have become far and few between … so have my blog posts as I worry I have nothing interesting for my readers to read. 
Yet, the blogs that I read on a daily basis are filled with “update” posts… check out this project “A” I’m working on, here’s a couple thoughts I had for today, check out this bloggers awesomeness that I saw that you may not have… All these type of posts I love reading on other blogs, but I worry – you won’t find those interesting on mine.  Well, this my friends… this is my blogging resolution.
I’m obviously off to a rough start, but I’m about to go through a big life changing event and know the toll it’s going to take on me.  Baby Girl is due in three weeks and I know the change having two kids will have on our life.  I won’t be doing any major DIY projects for a while, I won’t be getting enough sleep to keep my eyes open longer than 5 minutes to write a blog post, I’ll be covered in baby vomit and diapers more than paint and sawdust. I’m okay with that (deep breathe, I think I’m okay with that)… but I don’t want to lose my connection to the blog, and to you guys.  So, I want to re-find my voice here, find a “new” structure how to connect with you guys without having tons of tutorials and project reveals.

I hope you find the connection between us to be better, I hope that you find my little updates and posts in between the fun project reveals to be entertaining and amusing, rather than boring and uneventful as I fear.

I hope that we can stay connected over the next few months as I find new balance in the PB&J household bringing in our sweet Baby Girl.  By the way – people have been asking since our pregnancy announcement if I’ll be changing the name of PB&Jstories. I don’t believe I will be, PB&Jstories started with our little family of three, and though it’s growing I think Baby Girl fits under the “stories” category”.  I don’t want to lose the name of my blog and company quite yet.  I haven’t found something that I feel fits for us, so until then we’ll continue to be PB&J + Baby Girl Smile

Speaking of Baby Girls – I recently made a new sign that I’ll be listing in my Etsy shop upon returning from maternity leave.  I’ll be temporarily closing the doors to PB&Jcreations Etsy Shop just for a maternity leave so I can truly rest and be the best mother to our two kids and try to recoup.

It’s one of my bigger signs 24”x24” and done in a rustic peach color with soft white writing, and of course lightly distressed.

Let her sleep PBJcreations
PBJcreations let her sleep
My shop will be open for another two weeks so if you’re interested in this sign before it’s listed, just email me or contact me via my shop!

Well, I’d REALLY love to know what you’re thoughts are on my blog  If you’d take the time to leave some feedback, let me know that you’re still here with me and willing to handle the slight structure change of my writing, I’d appreciate it from the bottom of my heart! I appreciate each and every one of my readers and and thankful to have you here to share everything, even my pointless rants, with Winking smile


  1. Stephanie @ LifeCreatedJanuary 10, 2013 at 11:09 AM

    love to read your blog, and love your signs. have a great last few weeks and delivery. Two kids will be a change, but not too drastic. You'll learn as you took a couple of months for me and my first daughter to adjust ;)

    1. Thanks Stephanie! It's one of those adjustments that makes life better :D

  2. Of course we'll still be here!

    I'm making an assumption here, but I'm guessing that your most avid readers are people who are interested in your blog because they can relate to your season of life. Most likely, they enjoy reading your projects about home DIY, and preparing for baby girl because they too are in that phase of life. That being said, your avid readers are the ones most likely to understand your family priorities for the next few months. Enjoy your time as a newborn mama again, and we'll all still be here when you return to your blog :)

    1. Thanks for such a sweet comment and support!!! :) Much appreciated!

  3. Pamela, you rock and I always love all that you do. Short break, long break, I'll be here :)

  4. Pamela,
    I'm past the time in my life that you're experiencing now. Our oldest daughter just turned 30 and has a 4 yr. old and a 16 month old. Our youngest daughter is getting married in two months. But I so enjoy reading about your life and seeing all your beautiful creations. Maybe because your son is the same age as my granddaughter, I find a correlation. Anyway, I pray you have a safe and quick delivery. Take time for your little ones. We'll be here when you get a chance to update us.


Love hearing back from my readers, you make my day! Thanks, Pamela of PBJstories

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