Thursday, January 24, 2013

Our Kitchen Makeover–small changes make a big impact! Kitchen Makeover

I am SO excited to finally be sharing this with you guys!!!!

This isn’t some HUGE before and after reveal as our “before” kitchen was still pretty good.  It was just cookie cutter, “fine” and didn’t really have our personality in it yet.  However just with any of the projects we do for this home, our goals are to turn it from a “house” into our “home”.  We know we’ll be leaving soon so I didn’t want to invest a lot of money and time into the kitchen and make it into my dream kitchen only to turn around and sell it within a year.
Instead we planned out the easiest ways to give a kitchen personality and a new life, and executed it in about one weekend!

Here’s a few before shots – and as usual my before shots aren’t “prettied” up… they’re our live in style… how it looks day in and day out. kitchen before kitchen before Do you see that refrigerator?! That’s a family-inspired refrigerator Open-mouthed smile kitchen before
As you can see, great backbones.  Nice tall cherry cabinets, vinyl countertops that aren’t terrible, and pretty good appliances.  When we moved in dishwasher, stove/oven, microwave and sink were all “contractor grade” appliances.  The sink especially was nothing special. The dishwasher was loud and having an open floor plan that was kind of a drag, but we just ran it at night (actually quite dangerous to do).  What prompted our kitchen makeover was when our dishwasher broke and we had someone come give us a quote to fix it, $250 to fix it… he kindly told us that the style of dishwasher that I was, was only about $200.  SO, dishwasher shopping we went.  Once we got a pretty new shiny QUIET dishwasher… the rest of the "non” upgraded kitchen seemed bland and started my itch to start a few other upgrades.

Here’s our pretty AFTER:
DSC_7649B kitchen reveal
DSC_7719b kitchen reveal kitchen reveal
Did you see all the changes?! Here’s a quick checklist of what we did:
Added beautiful backsplash (Leonia Silver Glazed Porcelain Tile from Lowe’s)
Upgraded the sink (Moen Lancelot Drop In Sink)
Upgraded the faucet (Moen Kleo Faucet in Spot Resistant Stainless Steel)
Changed out the recessed lighting above the island to jaw-dropping pendant lights (Globe Industrial Lights from Shades of Light)
Changed out the recessed light above the sink for dramatic semi-flush light (Modern Semi Flush Ceiling light from Shades of Light)
Cleaned Smile

Here’s a few detail shots: Moen sink
We took out our old sink and basic kitchen faucet, and upgraded to these beautiful set from Moen.  The faucet is Kleo model from Moen in their spot resistant stainless steel.  It’s PERFECT.  I loveeee the  pull down hose, and the subtle detail in the handle.  The finish is perfect for messy hands as it doesn’t show fingerprints. backsplash detail
I picked out this backsplash almost the DAY Lowe’s placed it on their shelves.  I tried pulling it up online when I got home after picking it out and couldn’t find it anywhere.  After asking during my next trip they told me they literally just placed it on their shelves and won’t be “launched” for a few months still… that’s just how much I loved it instantly! backsplash detail
Finding a backsplash that worked with the color of countertops and cherry wood was actually a big challenge.  If you Google Cherry wood cabinet kitchens you’ll see the color scheme that’s typically done is this creme /yellow stone colored backsplash that I wasn’t crazy about.  I LOVED how the silver backsplash plays off the stainless steel appliances, and lights… really brings in a modern feel into the kitchen. - Shades of Light Pendant Lights
Now for these lights!  How BEAUTIFUL are these!!!???? I saw these online a long time ago and loved their shape, their color and their appearance.  Then after seeing them in person as the Shades of Light local store I knew they’d be PERFECT for our island. - Shades of Light Pendant Lights
By the way do you see the melting pot of paint colors from this angle? – A challenge! - Shades of Light
The light above the sink was a bit of a challenge to find the “perfect” one.  I shopped online for weeks and couldn’t find one that fit.  Until… once again, Shades of Light to the rescue!  I went into their store with two specific lights in mind that I saw online, but seeing them in person, once again they didn’t seem right.  Then I saw this one and barely even checked the price tag, I just knew it was finally the one that was going to tie the whole kitchen together.
The last change we did was paint the walls.  I have Emily from Decor Chick for the easiest decision of my life… One early morning I was doing my morning blog read and read her post about the PERFECT greige color she made.  I instantly knew it was going to be the perfect color for our kitchen blending our entryway, living room and kitchen colors together. And I was right, so a big thank YOU to her!

A big huge thank you to Moen and my sponsor Shades of Light for helping contribute to our kitchen makeover.  While some of the products were received from them, they were top on our list to pick out ourselves.  They’re the perfect additions for our kitchen makeover!

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  1. Your new kitchen looks great! I especially love your backsplash. I'd love to add a backsplash to my kitchen, but it'd have to be DIY, and I am afraid to try it! (Have never tiled before.)

  2. Gorgeous. My favorite part is the new lighting - HUGE impact. And the backsplash is beautiful as well. Once it's available, I hope you'll share the details. xo Jenna

  3. The changes really did make a big impact! It looks beautiful.

  4. Very, very nice! I love the paint color and the light fixtures especially.


  5. Those pendant lights are amazing!!! Looks beautiful.

  6. Very pretty!! I love the lights!!

  7. Lighting is amazing!! Love it!

    Jenna @

  8. Small changes but big impact! Love those lights!!

  9. I love what a big difference your small changes made. I will be featuring this tonight at my Winter Blues Wednesday party that opens at 8pm EST. Please stop by and pick up an I've Been Featured button. Thanks.

  10. Hi, I am also using the Leonia Silver Mosaic tile for a backsplash... could you tell me what color grout you used? It looks like it's softer than a bright white.

  11. Hi, I am also using the Leonia Silver Mosaic for a backsplash... can you tell me what color grout you used? It looks like it's softer than a bright white.

  12. Hello! I am thinking of using this tile as well and I have cabinets just like yours - these pics helped immensely in my decision making! Like Kris above, can you let me know what grout you used? Thanks!


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